Being enigmatic and somehow nostalgic, Myanmar is an attractive destination with surreal temples and pagodas for all visitors, who might gather for themselves the top 10 reasons to visit Myanmar in 2021. The land of the golden temples preserves Burmese tradition, antique Buddhist architecture, and unique tourist attractions that enchant tourists.

#1: Bagan – Land of 1000 temples

The ancient beauty of the temples and pagodas across the land make guests interested. Getting to Bagan, people feel like they are getting lost in the forgotten world of the gilded religious monuments. The sacred sites on the spot are perfect for backpackers to self-explore and experience every step they go. In Bagan city, Land of 1000 temples, the walking trip will take you to the awe-inspiring constructions while the electronic bike tours are awesome enough to amaze you along the routes. What’s more, there offers a unique service of hot balloon rides (October-March).  

#2: Sunrise and sunset watching

With the pristine and enchanting nature, Myanmar owns several ideal venues for sightseeing the stunning sunrise and sunset, which moves beyond guests’ expectations. Among the bests, U Bein Bridge – the world’s longest teak pedestrian bridge (1,2km), in the ancient Amarapura village, is the famous site for viewing the best afterglow ever. This bridge was ranked as the best place in the world to watch the sunset, by CNNGo. And if you want a place to welcome the early daylight, proceed to Bagan city and stand on the top of any temples such as Ananda Temple, Shwenandaw Pagoda, Shwezigon Pagoda, Thatbyinyu Temple, and Gubyaukgyi Temple.

Sunset at Bagan, Myanmar

#3: Poetic Inle Lake

The poetic beauty and peaceful lifestyle in Inle Lake have made it known to those who are seeking a true escape away from city noises. During the early twilight, the lake appears picturesque and photogenic for photography. It’s wonderful to capture the sunrise spectacle and the fishing boats on which some local fishermen are doing their morning jobs. It’s also possible to meet the exceptional leg-rowing style of the fishermen who use one leg to row. Make sure you visit a floating house on the lake and try the well-known salad of the Burmese.

#4: Gorgeous Ngapali beach

Myanmar has more than 2.000km coast that remains unexploited, resulting in the pristine and spectacular beaches. During Myanmar tours, nothing can beat the relaxing experiences on the lovely beaches of Bengal Bay. In particular, it is a must to draw your focus on Ngapali beach, beautified with the smooth sandbank, transparent blue water, green coconut ranges, and decent charm that make beachgoers fall in love with. Ngapali is the most favorite beach in Burma, in which people enjoy swimming, taking a walk, sightseeing the gorgeous seascape, and venturing out to visit the fishing villages and local markets. The pure and peaceful beauty of this beach can let souls be stress-free.

#5: Delicious Burmese food

Though Burmese food is mainly influenced by India, China, Thailand, and some ethnic minority groups, it does not mean that the local cuisine has no special characteristics. Not only aromatic and delicious, but food in Myanmar also focuses on cooking and decoration. And, it’s quite cheap. In Yangon, make sure you spend time exploring the local street food and taste the elites of Shan-style rice (fish rice), tea leaf salad, curry, Shan-style noodles, Mohinga (rice noodles and fish soup), etc.

#6: The charming Mandalay

Mandalay city is located in the north of Myanmar. It is a charming travel destination to find some of the best attractions. Also, this Buddhism center is spotlighted with many pagodas and temples for everybody to pay a visit. Or, you can explore the workshops that produce gold and carve stones. Some must-see sites include the unique U Bein Bridge, ancient Mingun village, Mandalay Hill, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Mahamuni Buddha Temple, and Mandalay Palace.

U Bein Wooden Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar

#7: Pilgrimage to Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock)

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock) is the most significant pilgrimage site for all Buddhists in Mon State-Myanmar as well as in the world. Besides, the routes to the Golden Rock and the sacred pagoda is very scenic. With the gilded surface (pasted by male devotees) and precariously perched on a strand of the Buddha’s hair legendarily, the balancing rock seems to defy gravity that amazes all visitors. The rock and the pagoda are set on the top of Mt. Kyaiktiyo that looks magnificently unique. It is the 3rd most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar, after Shwedagon Pagoda (in Yangon) and Mahamuni Pagoda (Mandalay). This might be the top reason to travel to Myanmar, according to some pilgrims.

#8: Amazing experiences in Yangon

Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar that owns many historical and cultural attractions. Oftentimes, this is the first stop in any Myanmar tour itinerary. The city is filled with top experiences in Shwedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda, Kandawgyi Lake, and Bogyoke Aung San market. In the past, the city was called “London of Southeast Asia,” ensuring that it preserves some European-style constructions. Even only the 2000-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda can convince you to go there.

#9: Burmese cultural experiences

The friendly smiles of the Burmese can make you feel light and easy while their Thanaka makeup will urge you to learn about. Thanaka is Myanmar’s ancient beauty secret or their traditional cosmetic paste made from ground bark. The local people apply it to the face for cooling sensation and protection against sunburn. It is said to also help remove acne and enhance smooth skin. Traveling to Myanmar, you’re likely to meet the local women and kids wearing Thanaka. This powder is also sold in boxes at the local markets, so you can try it out if interested.

#10: Mergui archipelago for awesome voyages

Myeik or Mergui archipelago owns islands and beaches for the all-year-round voyages to explore the magnificence of the sea, sky, and rocky islands. Besides, you’re likely to meet the sea gypsies (native Moken people) who are famous for their diving and catching fish skills. Beaches in Mergui are blessed with the primitive white sand, tropical reefs, and captivating spectacle that urge everybody to take pictures of beauty and happiness.

Now, choose one of these top reasons to visit Myanmar in 2021 for your next promising Indochina tour and fly there!