Myanmar is an enigmatic country with thousands of the revered and gilded pagodas, peaceful lakes, untouched islands, as well as extraordinary cuisine. With the diverse ingredients and flavors, Myanmar food makes anybody who used to taste it finds it hard to forget. Let’s read about best food Myanmar to succeed your next trip! #1: Salad […]

Burma (or Myanmar) owns many hard-to-explain attractions to hit the travelers’ interests, including the citizens of United Kingdom (UK). The nature lovers might inevitably be convinced of virgin nature in Ngapali Beach or Inle Lake while the pilgrims find it magnetic to do homage at the gilded temples in Bagan and Yangon. All elements make […]

Inle Lake is a natural place of interest in Burma that has been receiving lots of praises for its beauty.  The Lake is tranquil, charming, and lovely, especially during sunrise and sunset. On picturesque riverscape, the fishermen with leg-rowing style appear beautiful. For an enjoyable discovery of this highlight, try out 9 top things to […]

Mogok in Myanmar is a favorite land of ruby to the seasoned tourists who want to explore something distant and different. Though this destination is not as popular as Yangon or Bagan, in any talk about the reputation of ‘stone and gem’ in Myanmar, then first think of Mogok. Mogok is a remote and attractive […]

Putao in Myanmar is famous as the picturesque, little town at the foot of the mighty Himalayan Foothills. Any trip to the north of Kachin State cannot be complete if you neglect the destination of Putao. About Putao in Myanmar Putao is the beautiful northernmost town of Kachin State, and the principal town in Putao […]

Bagan was the capital of Myanmar for 230 years. Up to now, this destination has been preserving more than 2000 temples and pagodas, especially some heritages are on a par with the magnificent Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Borobudur Temple of Java, Indonesia. Read on the useful tips for low cost holiday to Bagan about transporting, […]

Myanmar (also named Burma) stands out on the map of Asia tourism. The country is shining as “Land of the Golden Temples” associated with many pristine natural highlights to enchant travelers who come from other parts of the world, including Australia. The travel to Myanmar from Australia has been operated actively to encourage more and […]

Mrauk U in Myanmar is an attractive town in the north of Rakhine State, Myanmar. The little town is famous for the “medieval feel” that appeals to the travelers all over the world. For a desire to discover Myanmar off-the-beaten-track, consider visiting Mrauk U ! About Mrauk U in Myanmar Mrauk U has the significant […]