In almost any talk about Shan State in the east of Myanmar, travelers worldwide often point to the famously peaceful Inle Lake. But if you have more time in Shan, know that the area has some other attractions for the nature lovers, beside Inle. That is Pindaya Cave, just around 100km from the Inle. So […]

Myanmar is an enigmatic and gorgeous destination, owning many gilded and consecrated pagodas, picturesque nature, and interesting hill-tribe culture for the whole world to cherish. If you are the culture fanciers, then it’s great to travel to Myanmar and meet both the Kayan and the Chin hill tribes someday. The Kayan Tribe (or Padaung) with […]

Myanmar (or Burma) is a charming and glorious destination with the mysterious past, the appealing beauty of the gilded temples, and friendly residents. You might find dozens of reasons why to visit Myanmar, but the top 10 below will remove any of your hesitation to make this country the next destination for your Indochina travel. […]

Mrauk U is located close to the western border of Myanmar and functions as the second largest temple center of the country, only after Bagan. The pagodas and temples in this destination are made from stone bricks, which are different from the ones made from clay brick and wet-mud brick in Bagan. Travel to Mrauk […]

Myeik has an area of 7.783 square miles, in Tanintharyi Division on the extreme south of Myanmar. The city is remote and peaceful while its archipelago is pristine and picturesque. With the significant marine history, this city preserves lots of valuable colonial constructions, plus 800 offshore islands. What to do in Myeik Archipelago when you […]

Yangon is a differently beautiful city that brings new experiences to the visitors worldwide. Unlike other big cities in the world, Yangon has no bustle and hustle of travel agencies, franchises, tour buses, or lines for anything. The city remains peaceful and charming which is best to be explored on foot. Following are some useful […]

Bagan (once known as Pagan) is an ancient city in Mandalay, Myanmar, which stands out as one of the best destinations for the hot-air balloons in the world. With thousands of awe-inspiring temples and pagodas, this heritage city attracts thousands of travelers who come to take the balloon ride over Bagan every year. Get more […]

Myanmar is one of the most enigmatic countries in the world, with over 90% of the population are Buddhists. The country preserves many valuable traditions, including their unique Thingyan – the Burmese New Year Festival or Water Festival which is closely related to Buddhism. The festival often falls around mid-April (13 to 16 April), with […]

Myanmar appears enigmatic, beautiful, and appealing to travelers worldwide, with wonderfully gilded pagodas, extraordinary culture, and of course, unspoiled and charming beaches. Let’s get to know the top marvelous and pristine beaches in Myanmar to immerse yourself in the true beach haven. #1: Ngapali Stretching around 7km along the white sand and green palm ranges, […]

Myanmaris known as the Land of Golden Pagodas and Temples which draws much attention from tourists all over the world to the revered and mysterious structures. From the most famous pagodas in the center of Yangon to the most magnificent temples in the heart of Bagan, your spiritual trip is always full of joy and […]