Myanmar is still an enigmatic “Golden Land” to some people who know a little about this destination, and how to discover Myanmar in the most beautiful ways is still a new, interesting topic. If this is your first-time adventure to this mysterious and appealing land, here are 5 ways to make this Indochina travel as […]

Though you have not visited Myanmar yet, there are ways how to be a seasoned tourist in Myanmar by reading the following post which explains top things that others discover about the Burmese and their customs. You get to know that Burmese men really like wearing slippers and both men and women can put “Thanakha” […]

Traveling abroad asks you to have a prepaid SIM card, especially in the country where Wi-Fi is slow like in Myanmar, so knowing how to buy a prepaid SIM card in Myanmar is quite essential. Some hotels and restaurants say they have Wi-Fi but you will soon realize that the Wi-Fi is too bad to […]

Myanmar is amongst the most attractive countries in Indochina region which hold secrets for international holidaymakers to discover. While you might be interested in gilded and revered temples, some other guests might appreciate romantic nature in each detail of the land. Let’s gather great notes for your travel to Myanmar from Canada so that you […]