The 4 Most Pristine Beaches in Myanmar to Cherish
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Myanmar appears enigmatic, beautiful, and appealing to travelers worldwide, with wonderfully gilded pagodas, extraordinary culture, and of course, unspoiled and charming beaches. Let’s get to know the top marvelous and pristine beaches in Myanmar to immerse yourself in the true beach haven.

#1: Ngapali

Stretching around 7km along the white sand and green palm ranges, Ngapali Beach wins your praises at first sight. Everybody finds it a must to fall in love with the blue and crystal-clear seawater in which they can swim and relax in a delightful way. On a daily basis, there are flights from Yangon to Ngapali which takes approximately 45 minutes to bring you to a beach paradise indeed. Together with the stunning seascape, Ngapali is featured with luxurious villas, seaside guesthouses, and amazingly fresh seafood. Some of the best activities to do in Ngapali Beach are kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, hot-air ballooning, and so on. The beach vacation in this haven becomes more interesting if you have some time exploring the Thandwe City, which is around 7km from the beach zone.

#2: NgweSaung

Your beach vacation in Myanmar can be best invested in NgweSaung which is just situated in the south of Ngapali and close to Yangon. This peaceful shelter is famous for the transparent “silver” water and various exciting sports like scuba diving, skiing, and exploring the far-off and gorgeous islands. The flight from Yangon to NgweSaung only takes about 35 minutes. The pictures taken there can surely amaze your followers as this is one of the most captivating and famous beaches in Myanmar that the whole world cherishes.

Two golden pagodas sitting on top of rocks on the beach of Ngwe Saung, Myanmar

#3: ChaungTha

Around 240km from the west of Yangon is the bewitching ChaungTha. This is the preferred venue for local beach lovers at weekends and holidays which make the vibe there dynamic and exciting. Being packed with vacationers, ChaungTha offers the professional hospitality services such as hiring a yacht to the islands or scuba diving to contemplate various beautiful tropical fish species. Make sure you invest some hours in relaxing there which later turn to be the pleasant memories.

#4: Kanthaya

Kanthayaremains the most unspoiled and less influenced by the winds of modernity and tourism in Myanmar. The beach is not covered by shops or villas; rather, it delivers the completely idyllic and enchanting atmosphere for you to be a part of nature and enjoy the sea breezes. Kanthaya might encourage you to throw the life worries away and let the sea waves wipe them out. Just the simple walking on smooth sand with the bare feet can calm the mind and give you desired comfort. Sometimes, people need the quiet and scenic shelter to meditate or rest, and this primitive beach is the one that they are longing for.

Traveling to top Myanmar Beaches, you step into the pristine and mesmerizing world of the white sand, palm-lined coast, transparent seawater, spectacular sceneries, poetic fishing villages, and more. They also deliver the exciting haven for various beach activities, from kayaking to scuba diving, and everything in between. More and more groups of tourists are relaxing at Ngapali, NgweSaung, ChaungTha, or Kanthaya, so come to experience for yourself.


What could be more fantastic than relaxing at the stunning beaches with the clear sky, blue water, white sand, and palm tree? You might just want to lie on the exquisite beach in the sun. That is the perfect retreat to stay clear of anxiety and regain lost energy or the life passion. Check in the leading beaches in Myanmar, and you will soon be convinced of their beauty as well as uniqueness. Together with thousands of the wonderfully gilded temples and pagodas, this country cheers you up with the enthralling area of sand and stone beside the sea.

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