7 Top Things to Do in Inle Lake in Burma
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Inle Lake is a natural place of interest in Burma that has been receiving lots of praises for its beauty.  The Lake is tranquil, charming, and lovely, especially during sunrise and sunset. On picturesque riverscape, the fishermen with leg-rowing style appear beautiful. For an enjoyable discovery of this highlight, try out 9 top things to do in Inle Lake before setting up a custom tour through a Specialist Burma Travel Agency.

#1: Enjoy Sightseeing Sunset on Inle Lake

The Lake appears sincere, spectacular, and flattering for photograph all season. With 22km long, Inle Lake is quite spacious and very scenic. It’s fantastic to contemplate the attraction from its banks or via the boat trip. The more details you can discover, the deeper you fall in love with this natural gem. While some travelers appreciate the floating villages and workshops, the others feel interested in the sceneries of which the fishermen are main characters. Of course, don’t miss the majestic sunset moments!

Silhouette of fisherman at sunset Inle Lake Burma Myanmar

#2: Get to know leg-rowing style

Inle Lake is home to the unique leg-rowing style that impresses the visitors. Make sure you don’t miss this experience. The local fishermen row by one leg and stand firmly on the boat with the other leg. With the extraordinary and skillful rowing style, the local people are happy to let you experience the how-to and record the fun moments. In fact, the image of the leg-rowing Intha fishermen is connected to the charming beauty of the Lake. It’s interesting to know that Inle Lake in Burma hosts the Leg Rower’s Running Race on the Inlay Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival (in September or October).

Burmese fisherman on bamboo boat catching fish in traditional way with handmade net

#3: Discover Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda

Enshrining the five gold-plated Buddha statues, this pagoda is the revered and favorite venue for the Burmese people to worship. This is also the most important pagoda in the southern Shan State. With the sophisticated and mysterious interior depicting the religious festivals and gilded boats, Phaung Daw Oo impresses the pilgrims. Know that only men can apply gold leaves to the Buddha statues.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda

#4: Visit the floating vegetable gardens and workshops

On the lake are some floating gardens filled with various kinds of vegetables. The floating sites are open to the tourists, so take your opportunities to explore what is inside and interact with the gardeners. Of course, the greenness makes your photography impressive. Besides, look for the weaving craft shops.

#5: Meet the Padaung tribe with long-neck custom

Padaung is known as the long-neck lady tribe, one of the oldest tribes in Burma. The women preserve the custom of weaving the necklaces from 5 years old to keep their necks long as the sign of beauty. So, your travel to Inle Lake should include some moments to get to know this tribe. The long-neck ladies appreciate their bronze necklaces which embrace lots of meanings to them (help them to avoid human trafficking, tiger attack, etc.). That said, the adults might have 35 necklaces, and the more the better.

Daily life of Padaung (Karen) hill tribe

#6: Join animated vibe of Mine Thauk Market

Established on the east bank of the Lake, Mine Thauk Market lets you mingle with some hill tribes and travelers worldwide. There you find lots of Burmese items for sales such as fruits, fish, souvenirs, etc. Look for the ethnic costumes and take the nice photographs of both local merchants and market atmosphere. You might love to view them later when wanting to call back the sweet memories in Inle Lake.

#7: Stay Overnight at Floating House or Nature-friendly Resort

The Lake owns romantic settings with floating wooden houses where to enjoy the sound night. This kind of accommodation gives you desirable peace and comfort so that you fall asleep naturally. For romance, the candlelight, beautiful flower, warm color of the wall, and tranquil atmosphere encourage you to make the words of the heart.

Inle Lake in Burma, of course, goes beyond your expectation for a spectacular Lake! Rather, it’s a paradise of love, where to become a part of nature and gain happiness from the simple life.

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