Bagan impresses the first-time visitors with more than 2000 religious monuments scattered throughout the holy city. Besides the sightseeing enjoyment, the tourists also put stress on the culinary scene; they’d like to know where to eat in Bagan. As an evocative destination with the golden temples and traditional Burmese foods, Bagan possesses some significant eateries scattered in the settlements of Nyang U, New Bagan, and Old Bagan. Let’s see the best dining spots in each area.

Nyang U Has Most Eateries to Eat in Bagan

The Beach Restaurant in Bagan

The Beach Restaurant in Bagan

Eating in the Nyang U settlement of Bagan lets you find lots of good restaurants and cafes to stop. There is a zone called Restaurant Road that is lined with eateries for the tourists to enjoy Burmese food, Thai food, Indian food, and more. In particular, a dining highlight to explore is Weatherspoon’s – the ideal venue for the foreigners and holidaymakers in Bagan. This restaurant has the fluently English-speaking and friendly staff, making it the highly-recommended restaurant for the oversea guests.

If feeling like eating “mohinga” (the famous rice noodle and fish soup in Myanmar), it’s advisable to look for the local eateries opposite the Shwe Na Di Guesthouse. Otherwise, you can head towards The Beach Restaurant to experience a memorable sundowner. The Beach is often packed with culinary guests who appreciate the iced and inexpensive Burmese beer as well as the lovely view of the golden temples from afar. Once again, together with the restaurants, the Nyang U settlement of Bagan has the largest number of local eating houses for you to stop by and fulfill the stomach.

Places to Eat in Old Bagan and New Bagan Settlements

Star Beam Restaurant in Bagan

Star Beam Restaurant in Bagan

The Old Bagan is noted for the open-air dining zones, and Star Beam is a standout to see. People feel very relaxing to eat the Burmese specialties, the fresh juice, and refreshing shakes in the open-air zone. Thus, it’s not surprised that the Old Bagan settlement is usually crowded with the free-and-easy gourmets who prefer dining in the folksy area to the luxurious ground.

Being distinguished from the Old Bagan, the New Bagan settlement becomes recognizable for the mishmash of eateries for the disparate tastes. As an illustration, the Nooch Bagan restaurant is proud of their chummy staff, great food, oversized and bright dining portions. Next to the entrance, you also find the attached karaoke / open-air dancing room to relax after the full meal.

The other fascinating eatery in the New Bagan is the tourists-orientated Silver House Restaurant, offering the reasonably priced Burmese foods and the amiable atmosphere to make friends.  Furthermore, for the imposing river view and the great traditional foods of Myanmar, the most promising alternative is the Green Elephant. It is the tourists-oriented place; so, expect to receive the international-standard hospitality services, the tasty foods, and the very pleasant view.

After all, Bagan will never cease to satisfy the tourists who come either to witness thousands of the golden temples or to save the Burmese foods or both. While the religious monuments in Bagan go beyond your expectation, the local restaurants and eating houses give you the real Burmese culinary episodes so that you know what are called mohinga, ngapi gyaw, shan tohu, samosa, palata, and more. The Burmese dishes are appetizing enough to amuse your palate.

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