The Best Things to Do in Myeik Myanmar
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Myeik has an area of 7.783 square miles, in Tanintharyi Division on the extreme south of Myanmar. The city is remote and peaceful while its archipelago is pristine and picturesque. With the significant marine history, this city preserves lots of valuable colonial constructions, plus 800 offshore islands. What to do in Myeik Archipelago when you cruise there? Check out the top Things to Do in Myeik with Myanmar Leading Tour Operator !

#1: Playing Water Sports

What kind of water sports are you good at? Myeik has hundreds of islands for you to show off your expertise in the water activities, from snorkeling to swimming. When you snorkel, expect to contemplate the primitively colorful coral reefs, and when you swim, just immerse yourself in the transparently blue water. Also, the aquatic activities of diving and fishing are great as the Myeik underwater world is very exciting.

Playing Water Sports at Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar

Playing Water Sports at Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar

#2: Going on a hike through the tropical jungle

The archipelago of Myeik in Myanmar is blessed with natural dense forest and stunning valley, ensuring you to experience the delightful and memorable hiking trip. When you hike through the beautiful scenery and capture some best moments of Nature, you will admit the fact that the effort is worthwhile. It is the lush and fresh greenness that makes you feel closest to nature and breathe the cool air. The hiking in Myeik promises the sweating experience but it is enjoyable and full of nice things.

Hiking through the tropical jungle in Myeik

Hiking through the tropical jungle in Myeik

#3: Kayaking to discover the river

It’s no doubt that Myeik is ideal for kayaking all season. The time when you board a kayak, be ready to enjoy the wonderful kayaking experiences, through the lush mangrove forests and the spectacular river.  This is the big favorite for the thrill-seekers, definitely, which they can float down the river for sightseeing the local life on the sides, the wild nature, and the peaceful scenery in general. If lucky, you can see the doves and the eagles. One of the most scenic stops on this kayaking trip is the secluded white-sand beach where to unwind and let the sea waves sweep your worry away.

Kyaking at Myeik Archipelago

Kyaking at Myeik Archipelago

#4: Spend time in the best islands of Myeik

The archipelago has many islands to create the picturesque settings, but not all are worth the visit. Therefore, when you travel to Myeik, make sure you schedule to set foot on the top islands of Lampi, Frost, Nyaung Wee, Phi Lar, and Myauk Ni. Why do the five islands become most remarkable? First of all, Lampi owns Burma’s first marine national park erected in 1995 for the historical visit. Also, with diverse biodiversity, authentic coral reefs, and lush mangroves, this island is a haven for diving and kayaking. Next, Frost Island (or 115 Island) is where to find sea urchins and tropical fish. While Nyaung Wee is special with Moken communities (the sea gypsies who are experts in free diving), Phi Lar Island is famous for deserted and palm-bordered beaches. Then, Myauk Ni is fabulous itself, but the friendly islanders are more appreciated than anything.

#5: Enjoy the cold vibe in Myeik at night

Provided that you reach this charming archipelago in December – February, then enjoy the winter vibe in which the beautiful settings are carpeted with the white snow. At night, it gets quite cold with the constant wind and calm sea, making this period the best time to visit Myeik to somebody. Instead of having themselves covered by the cozy blankets, most travelers prefer exploring the night sceneries in this destination, or simply open the hotel windows to welcome the sea breezes.

Myeik has not ever disappointed any guest who travels for the natural beauty of beaches and friendly islanders. If you have a chance to tour to Myanmar, make it a point to sail away to Myeik and then try out the top 5 activities.

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