Most travelers to Myanmar will choose to make Yangon their first stop and will, mostly, enjoy Yangon Tuk-Tuk Tour to roam around for sightseeing the city highlights. Not only does tuk-tuk ride enables you to interact with Burmese people, but it also provides the authentic cultural experiences that only the actual visit can tell. The blend of colonial architecture and shimmering pagodas make Yangon captivating enough to amaze guests from the tuk-tuk view.

The Best Yangon Tuk-Tuk Tour to Recommend

The “Beyond Yangon Tuk-tuk Tour” is a wonderful offer for you all to explore the city tourist attractions and get cultural experiences from Yangon to Dala and Twante village. The one-day tuk-tuk ride will include the village visits, the exploration of pottery workshops, and the boat trips in Twante. Oftentimes, guests will be pleased to know how the Burmese villagers live in the hamlets as well as the life on the waterways, how the local craftspeople keep their traditions, and how the Myanmar-style markets function. With the tuk-tuk package, you are accompanied by the local driver who can also work as the local tour guide to take you to the impressive highlights. The open-air vehicle often gets started at 8:00 AM for a full-day trip, and you can ask for the hotel pickup.

Considering the popular Yangon Tours itinerary, you will be first brought to Pansodan Ferry Jetty for a boat trip across Yangon River to Dala which is on another side of the city. Take your time observing the locals’ morning activities and the enchanting river view. Upon your arrival at Dala, be ready for the tuk-tuk ride around the sites for 2-3 hours. There will be authentic opportunities to explore the street markets in which you meet many Burmese people who come for food and wares.

The transfer between Yangon city and Dala will let you feel the gap between the locals’ life between the two destinations. Things in Dala (on the southern bank of Yangon) are very scenic, bustle-free, and charming. Especially, people seem to extend their well-known hospitality with big smiles. Though life in Dala lacks the modern facilities and amenities, mutual support among the residents gains good scores in the travelers’ perception. The market and village visits will be followed by the peaceful time at the monastery for a glimpse of the Burmese monastic life. Notice that the monastery might serve as a community hub in which people do good deeds, achieve eternal merit, and gain peace of mind.

After lunch (included in the tuk-tuk tour), the drive will target to Twante village, which you will pass by the verdant rice fields, bamboo huts, and banana plantation. The wholesomely-natural beauty can soothe every eye and mind. Then, there will be enough time to visit the traditional ceramic-making workshops to see how the craftspeople work and keep their traditions in producing ceramic pots, which will then shipped to Yangon city. After some walking rounds in the workshop, get a drive back to Dala, and cross over Yangon River, back to Pansodan Jetty, and then your hotel. What’s more, other highlights to consider for the tuk-tuk stops can be the Kyaik Par Buddha Statue 1000 (in which there are rows of Buddha statues of various poses) and Twantay Bridge. In total, the tuk-tuk tour in Yangon will take 8 hours. 

In total, the tuk-tuk tour in Yangon will take 8 hours
In total, the tuk-tuk tour in Yangon will take 8 hours

Traveler Reviews about Tuk-Tuk Ride in Yangon

With numerous highlights included in the tuk-tuk ride, you are sure to have a busy day in and around Yangon on the local iconic means of transport. The opportunities to learn about the life of the residents in Yangon and the outer villagers provide valuable cultural experiences on the spot. People cannot help recommending this tour to their friends and tourist communities. The three keywords of this full-day package can be scenery, culture, and fun. Often, to get the hotel pick-up, you have to book the Yangon tuk-tuk tour with the driver in advance. It’s good that you might know a driver already. Otherwise, seek for recommendations in TripAdvisor; you can be surprised that many experienced travelers might refer to the same local driver who is knowledgeable and fun enough to get the great comments. In most cases, the tour price is advertised on the driver’s flyers, for example, US$35 per passenger.

Together with the well-designed itinerary, the success of the tuk-tuk tours in Yangon depends on the knowledge and characteristics of the tuk-tuk driver (or the tour guide). The guide should be informative and professional enough to offer the fun-loving and interactive journey. Most people feel satisfied with the US$35 tuk-tuk tour which includes the transfer, the boat trip, the lunch, etc., and the worthwhile stops along the routes. You will get an extremely memorable day in Yangon – the largest city in Myanmar. In fact, many people have read positive reviews about Yangon tuk-tuk experiences, and they might contact the highly-recommended driver (via social media accounts). It is the friendly and professional service of the driver that helps decide the satisfactory level of the travelers.

Before you use a tuk-tuk in Yangon, please remember that this kind of auto-rickshaw does not have seat belts. Therefore, you have to stick on your seat and grasp any part of the vehicle to keep yourself balanced. Now, be ready to book an authentic tour in Yangon by tuk-tuk and enjoy the local sites, the interactions with the Burmese people, the village life on the other side of the Yangon River, and more. It’s interesting to figure out the gap between Yangon city life and life on the other side of the river. The brightly-colored vehicle, often in red and yellow, might be considered as an identity of Yangon destination.

The real experience will tell you why some travelers choose Yangon tuk-tuk tour to get around the city, instead of taxi or bus. Your pictures on Burmese tuk-tuk will mark a special expedition in the mysterious country that might be impressed beautifully on your mind. You can also build a friendship with the local driver for the next exciting ride.