The untouched nature, off-road trails, and ethnic villages can make ecotourism ideas of Myanmar itinerary 10 days fantastically inspiring. If you love Nature and simply want to mingle with it via the off-the-beaten-track activities, then ask for 10 days to be spent in this enigmatic country. You’ll be glad about bird-watching, off-road driving, elephant camping, […]

Myanmar Escorted Tours refer to a trend that a person or a group travels with the experienced tour guide who is there to take care of all services and places to see. Before traveling as an escort, there are several tips that you should always read for the perfect travel to Myanmar (Burma), an enigmatic […]

Myanmar is surely among the most mysterious corners of the Indochina region, and if you want to shed light on this corner, Myanmar Itinerary 4 days give you a torchlight. For the charm, history, and peace, let’s direct you to either Yangon or Mandalay, and then you decide it. Myanmar Itinerary 4 days: Things to […]

Myanmar is a mysterious wonderland of Indochina region filled with ethnic culture, history, Buddhist monuments, and captivating nature, but there stands out Myanmar travel warnings that tourists need to know before traveling. It is not a complete wonderland, and some people still question “Is it safe to travel to Myanmar 2019?” If it is one […]

Burma (or Myanmar) is amongst the most mysterious Indochina country to discover, and tips about what to do in small group tours Burma are so important that netizens keep searching for. The tips will empower people not to miss travel to Burma whenever the chance comes. Read Some Top Burma Small Group Tours in the […]

Mergui Islands Myanmar have been regarded as the lost paradise thanks to the fairy beauty, incomparable peace, soft sandbank, etc., and the interesting sea gypsies or the Moken people. While the archipelago is ideal for various outdoor activities like sea swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, and even night fishing, the opportunities to meet the Moken group […]

Kandawgyi Lake is an artificial lake built by the British and now become a tourist attraction in Yangon Myanmar. This lake owns some unique characteristics and ideal settings that make it the popular weekend picnic venue and picturesque sightseeing address. Surrounding the lake is the verdant park and in the eastern side of the lake […]

Bagan is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Myanmar, known for around 2.200 glittering temples scattered throughout, and how to cycle around Bagan temples is a great experience. Though there are several ways to discover this city, such as by a taxi, a scooter or a tourist bus, but by a bicycle seems […]

With around 135 recognized ethnic groups, Myanmar preserves the abundance of languages, costumes, and habits which differentiate the country from others, so understanding how to respect Burmese culture is an important topic. Following is an attempt to list out those of the top ways to avoid offending the Burmese culture when you travel to this […]

Myanmar is still an enigmatic “Golden Land” to some people who know a little about this destination, and how to discover Myanmar in the most beautiful ways is still a new, interesting topic. If this is your first-time adventure to this mysterious and appealing land, here are 5 ways to make this Indochina travel as […]