It was not by luck that Bagan named UNESCO World Heritage Site, as this archaeological area of Myanmar has been widely appreciated for its spiritual value and ancient beauty. If you are curious about how Bagan came to the UNESCO list, the following is some notable information for your knowledge and interest. About Bagan in […]

Both Bagan and Mandalay are the tourism treasures of Myanmar which attract tourists all over the world, and the ideas about how to get from Bagan to Mandalay will aid your next Myanmar trips. Geographically, Bagan is around 180 km southwest of Mandalay, which is good for overland transport. Oftentimes, it takes the 5-hour bus […]

Most travelers to Myanmar will choose to make Yangon their first stop and will, mostly, enjoy Yangon Tuk-Tuk Tour to roam around for sightseeing the city highlights. Not only does tuk-tuk ride enables you to interact with Burmese people, but it also provides the authentic cultural experiences that only the actual visit can tell. The […]

Myanmar culture is a beautiful subject for tourists to study and experience, and Taunggyi Balloon Festival is one of the best national events particularly in Taunggyi that welcome all to participate. When the colorful hot-air fire balloon is released in the sky at night, it marks the end of the rainy season and urges the […]

Traveling to Myanmar is special as the Burmese culture in this enigmatic country is different from elsewhere. The books of culture and religion in Myanmar need years to read over, and this post will draw your focus to the unique Buddhist Novitiation ceremony or Shin Pyu or the ceremony for boys (often under 20 years […]

The untouched nature, off-road trails, and ethnic villages can make ecotourism ideas of Myanmar itinerary 10 days fantastically inspiring. If you love Nature and simply want to mingle with it via the off-the-beaten-track activities, then ask for 10 days to be spent in this enigmatic country. You’ll be glad about bird-watching, off-road driving, elephant camping, […]

Myanmar Escorted Tours refer to a trend that a person or a group travels with the experienced tour guide who is there to take care of all services and places to see. Before traveling as an escort, there are several tips that you should always read for the perfect travel to Myanmar (Burma), an enigmatic […]

Myanmar is surely among the most mysterious corners of the Indochina region, and if you want to shed light on this corner, Myanmar Itinerary 4 days give you a torchlight. For the charm, history, and peace, let’s direct you to either Yangon or Mandalay, and then you decide it. Myanmar Itinerary 4 days: Things to […]

Myanmar is a mysterious wonderland of Indochina region filled with ethnic culture, history, Buddhist monuments, and captivating nature, but there stands out Myanmar travel warnings that tourists need to know before traveling. It is not a complete wonderland, and some people still question “Is it safe to travel to Myanmar 2019?” If it is one […]