In the top list of Myanmar tourist destinations, there stands out a name of Pyin Oo Lwin. Many people take this inspiring name to Google, and then most of them inevitably fall in love with the scenic hill town. Understand Pyin Oo Lwin Prior to Your Flight Pyin Oo Lwin is also referred to as […]

Mrauk U (formerly called Myohaung) is one of the most visited destinations in Burma that give you the authentic medieval feel. It is a medieval town as well as the archaeological site in Rakhine State, Central Myanmar. To stay in Mrauk U, the foreign nationals are required to pay a fee of US$5.  You Have A […]

Mandalay plays the irreplaceable role in the history of Myanmar. In the past, Mandalay is the last royal capital of the Burmese Kingdom. Today, the old capital turns to be the religious center that covers some of the most impressive pagodas in Myanmar. The greatly revered Mahamuni Paya is included in the beautiful sets. It […]

Inle Lake is the ideal gateway to peace, comfort, and indulgence. It is the shallow lake in the center of Myanmar, southeast of Mandalay. The inhabitants living around the serene 22km-long Lake are famous for their eccentric rowing style. They use one leg to row while standing on one leg. Know that the lake is […]

Bago (formerly called Pegu) is among the must-visit destination in Myanmar. There are many stimuli for you to travel to Bago, but the strongest one is that Bago is the most animated town of Myanmar. Located on the major road between the North and South Myanmar, Bago is surely the bustling town. The tourists coming […]

Holding the same standards as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bagan ranks among the greatest wonders of the world in Myanmar. Bagan gains fame for over 2,000 awe-inspiring pagodas. When you arrive at this wonder, you can feast the eyes with thousands of hundreds-year-old religious structures. The name Bagan itself means “the City of the Enemy […]

Situated at Thandwe and close to Yangon and running along the west coast of Myanmar, the tranquil Ngapali Beach is famous for the absolute peace and quietness where people come to rest perfectly. Arriving at Ngapali beach heaven, you can feast the eyes with the palm tree-fringed golden sandy beaches. The clear green seawaters here […]

Yangon (formerly called Rangoon) was the capital of Myanmar until 2005 when the government suddenly moved its capital to Naypyjdaw. At present, the old capital city has the population of over 5 million people. Also, it remains the biggest city and major economic hub of Myanmar or Burma. The tourists worldwide today travel to Yangon […]