If you’re in search of the wonderful Homestay Mandalay Myanmar, then a big recommendation is Yoe Yoe Lay Guesthouse (Nan Bwe’s) in the region. There are more and more good comments on this homestay spot that are being shared online on the booking websites. So, it’s really a big shortcoming if you overlook at least […]

How to get to Inle Lake Myanmar makes the access to this interesting lake more and more feasible to the worldwide tourists. Nowadays, you can get there on the domestic flights, cars, buses, trains, and cruises. Whatever your choices, see the following to include more options into consideration. By Air – Go to Inle Lake […]

Best Homestays Myanmar is what many foreigners are looking for so that they can get immersed in local culture and lifestyle via staying at least one night in the remote villages. Due to the governmental regulations, homestay is only tolerated in the distant parts of the country, namely in the off-the-beaten-track villages. In the other […]

Homestay in Bagan Myanmar might be a top appeal to foreigners who want to stay overnight at the local houses. Due to the governmental regulations, there are lots of guesthouses and hostels in the area, promising to let you feel the local culture and lifestyle, just like what homestay can bring. Following is top 5 […]

How to get to Golden Rock Myanmar gives you instructions to be there, particularly from Yangon. There are international and domestic flights, and buses to Yangon on a daily basis, which opens the access to the nearby Golden Rock (or Kyaiktiyo Pagoda) via Yangon. Upon your arrival at Yangon, what is the good way to […]

You need tips on travel to Myanmar from Italy? Myanmar or Burma should be the next destination for holidaymakers who prefer the refreshing vacation in the settings of the gilded and sacred temples. It is the outstanding “Land of the Golden Temples” for the travelers worldwide, including the Italian passport holders. For your next mistake-free […]

How to get to Bagan Myanmar provides the best practices for anybody that is looking for ways to the land of the wonderful temples.       There are numerous highlights to savor in this charming city, including Balloon Ride, dozens of great temples to visit, etc. The following comprehensive guide will aid you in deciding how […]

By knowing the best places to shop in Yangon Myanmar, you come to the destination with a handy directory to arrive at the right spots. Saying goodbye to the aimless shopping worry, look elsewhere and head to the recommended addresses. #1: Bogyoke Aung San Market – Top Yangon Market for Shopping Not only does Bogyoke […]

Visiting any of the best places for balloon flights in Myanmar provides the excitingly matchless travel in which you fly thousands of feet in the air. Though not being as thrilling and dangerous as skydiving or paragliding, the hot-air balloon ride is great enough to please the adventure seekers. If you admire the panoramic sightseeing […]

The majority of New Zealanders out there are paying their attention to the mystic Myanmar, and travel to Myanmar from New Zealand is a trend now. Myanmar (formerly called Burma) sounds mysterious and appealing to the adventurous souls who want to discover the secrets of the land. The country owns several unexplained attractions to call […]