Yangon is a differently beautiful city that brings new experiences to the visitors worldwide. Unlike other big cities in the world, Yangon has no bustle and hustle of travel agencies, franchises, tour buses, or lines for anything. The city remains peaceful and charming which is best to be explored on foot. Following are some useful […]

Bagan (once known as Pagan) is an ancient city in Mandalay, Myanmar, which stands out as one of the best destinations for the hot-air balloons in the world. With thousands of awe-inspiring temples and pagodas, this heritage city attracts thousands of travelers who come to take the balloon ride over Bagan every year. Get more […]

Myanmar is an enigmatic country with thousands of the revered and gilded pagodas, peaceful lakes, untouched islands, as well as extraordinary cuisine. With the diverse ingredients and flavors, Myanmar food makes anybody who used to taste it finds it hard to forget. Let’s read about best food Myanmar to succeed your next trip! #1: Salad […]

Burma (or Myanmar) owns many hard-to-explain attractions to hit the travelers’ interests, including the citizens of United Kingdom (UK). The nature lovers might inevitably be convinced of virgin nature in Ngapali Beach or Inle Lake while the pilgrims find it magnetic to do homage at the gilded temples in Bagan and Yangon. All elements make […]

Bagan was the capital of Myanmar for 230 years. Up to now, this destination has been preserving more than 2000 temples and pagodas, especially some heritages are on a par with the magnificent Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Borobudur Temple of Java, Indonesia. Read on the useful tips for low cost holiday to Bagan about transporting, […]

Myanmar (also named Burma) stands out on the map of Asia tourism. The country is shining as “Land of the Golden Temples” associated with many pristine natural highlights to enchant travelers who come from other parts of the world, including Australia. The travel to Myanmar from Australia has been operated actively to encourage more and […]

Burma (or Myanmar) is among the most undiscovered and appealing countries on this planet. While some people are fond of its history, cuisine, and tradition, the others are allured by the primitive nature, including the American citizens. People never feel bored during their travel to Burma from USA as there are various traits to unveil in […]

Myanmar (or Burma) has been remained untouched by the foreign tourists for ages, which make this country appealing to many curious souls. While the travel to Myanmar from Netherlands allows you to unveil the nation’s secrets of culture and religion, it also lets you admire many gilded temples and pristine nature. With thousands of the […]

Myanmar, a place for all cash-savvy travelers who want to get teased by the unsullied beaches, heritage Pagan temples and the thrill of adventure, makes it the perfect holiday spot. There are several tourists flocking to the Asian country, who are curious to explore the majestic temples of Myanmar, the primeval jungle and unspoiled beaches, […]

A lot of people in this world have an explorer spirit in them. If you believe that you are one of them, it’s time you paid a visit to Myanmar, to pacify your spirit in the Buddhist temples and monasteries, and explore the pristine white beaches along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. […]