Burma Travel Warnings – Know Top Truths behind Rumors
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Burma Travel Warnings – Burma is an enigmatic land where holds lots of mythical stories of Buddhism, secrets, and rumors that appear in both bright and dark sides. If you desire to figure out some truths behind the top rumors about Burma, then get to know the nine Burma travel warnings below. The Golden Land is calling you!

#1: Burma is safe for solo female travel

Surely, if you decide to venture East, Burma is a destination for women to travel in a safe and solo way. There, you find the systems of street lights to ensure the security at night. This is home to some of the friendliest people on Earth, so expect to be treated with respect and care. Provided that you dress politely on the streets and in the religious sites, then you can see the country’s highlights on your own without worrying. The perfectly acceptable outfit for the solo female tourists include the baggy trousers, T-shirts, and vest tops. Of course, you can mix and match others, but make sure they look modest. In the Burmese pagodas and temples, it’s easy to buy or hire the longyi (a sarong-style bottom garment).

#2: The Burmese people are very friendly

This is true! Most of the residents welcome the foreign guests with smiling and friendly manner. Some kids even say “Min-gala-bar” (“Hello”) while the adult passerby waves and smiles with you across the road. As the Burmese friendly nature has been confirmed by most parts of the world, be confident to interact with them if you are in need of finding routes to the certain destinations. There, it’s nice to accept the invitation from the local students. Some students of tourism in the university might invite you to enjoy the sunset over the religious landmarks. If they ask, be open-minded to accept.

#3: Burma has the expensive accommodation

This is also correct! But by Western standard, the accommodation is not actually expensive. The lodging prices are just higher than the ones in other Indochina areas such as Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia. Some of the best places to stay are Bamboo Guest House in Yangon, Thande Hotel in Bagan, and Zawgi Inn in Nyaung Shwe (nearby Inle Lake).

One of the core reasons which drive the accommodation costs in Burma to be high is the increasing flows of tourists. People have to pay much because they do not have many choices of guesthouses and hotels in the country. Regardless of the relative scarcity, the hospitality service is worth every dollar.

#4: You cannot exchange your money for Burmese kyats outside of Burma

Exactly! It’s almost impossible to get your dollar exchanged to the Burmese kyats outside of Burma. This means you need to bring dollars with you to exchange when you’re across the border. Also, the importance is to have the dollars in the pristine condition which is flat, if you want to be capable to exchange them. The Burmese people just do not like the untidy money. What’s more, know that dollars are accepted as the alternative currency to the Kyat in several shops and restaurants, but it’s not true for all. You’re recommended to bring the reasonable mixture of both dollars and local currency. The physical money will become very handy when your credit card might turn to be useless in some rural regions.

#5: Take flights to move between destinations faster

Yes, do it! In most situations, the 14-hour coach ride between the cities is equivalent to the 45-minute flight. If you want to save time from transferring from destination to destination, then using the domestic flights is necessary. Flying between the cities can cost much but it definitely helps you to save the time budget. You have to work with the agent, for example, Burma Shalom, to book the internal flights.

#6: The Burmese women and men all can wear Longyi

It’s right! The Burmese Longyi is the sarong-style bottom garment or the wraparound skirt which can be worn by both women and men in the country. While men often wear the dark-colored longyi, women use the brightly colored one. Besides, know that men tie the cloth in the front and women fold it over and make it tight at the side. Furthermore, the tourists are welcome to try wearing Longyi and putting the Thanaka paste (made from the bark of the Thanaka tree) to take pictures of the Burmese-like appearance.

#7: Naypyidaw is the capital city of Burma

Correctly! Several people might mistake Yangon (or Rangoon) as the capital city of Burma, but remember that the current capital city of the country is changed to Naypyidaw. This was changed in 2006, and Yangon should only be referred to as the PREVIOUS capital city of Burma.

#8: Shwedagon Pagoda is Burma’s most sacred Buddhist pagoda

It’s the truth!  The gilded Shwedagon Pagoda is said to enshrine 8 strands of hair of Gautama Buddha and be the most revered Buddhist pagoda in the country. Located in Yangon, this religious site is also named as the Golden Pagoda, reflecting the fact that it’s made from bricks covered by numerous gold plates. The appearance of this pagoda is awe-inspiring even from afar. It’s shining at night and functions as the religious center during any Buddhist festival in Burma.

#9: There are only over 2,000 temples and pagodas in Bagan to see

It’s true. Some articles might state that Bagan owns up to over 10,000 Buddhist temples and pagodas, but that number is incorrect now. Due to the earthquake disasters over the ages, hundreds of the ruins had been destroyed and damaged. At present, there remain around 2,000 pagodas and temples for the tourists’ visit and many of which are undergoing restoration or repair. The most famous and best-preserved site in Bagan is the Ananda Temple.

So, if you are thinking of the Burma travel packages, pack and go to see the fantastic country. Some of Burma travel warnings above can encourage you to go for the beautiful phase of travel in your life. The tour to Burma can bring you nothing but sweet and enjoyable memories.

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