You love traveling to Myanmar, so we are here to draw your focus to one of the most noteworthy destinations in Myanmar (Burma): The Irrawaddy. The short excursion from Yangon capital to the Irrawaddy (also called Ayarwaddy) Delta towns has long won the interest of many tourists worldwide. The intrepid guests can also choose to travel from the scenic delta to the southern of Myanmar including the old colonial Mawlamyine.

If traveling to The Irrawaddy River of Myanmar, please remember to move further south of the land so that you can indulge the eyes with the idyllic riverscape associated with the colonial-era towns.

The Key Points about Irrawaddy River, Myanmar

The Irrawaddy River is measured to flow from the north to the south through Myanmar. It is the largest river and the most significant commercial waterway of the country. The river has its origin from the confluence of the N’mai and Mali rivers and its flow runs north-south of Burma before emptying through the Irrawaddy Delta into the Andaman Sea. The important river itself is the strong inspiration for the painters and poets. For instance, in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, The Irrawaddy River is sometimes called “The Road to Mandalay”.

In the 6th century, the river was employed for trade and transport. Nowadays, it still has the essential roles in the country’s economy. On a daily basis, there is a considerable amount of goods and traffic on the river. Everybody has to admit the single fact that the river is irreplaceable. Thanks to the water from the river, the Irrawaddy Delta gets irrigated sufficiently to produce rice well.

In 2007, an agreement for the construction of seven hydroelectric dams was signed by the military government of Myanmar. That raised the worries about the ecological influences on the biodiversity ecosystem of the river. People felt anxious about the potential impacts of the dam on the threatened animals of the land including the Irrawaddy dolphin and the Irrawaddy river shark. These are the two extremely rare species.

Significantly, the Irrawaddy River flows through many cities of Myanmar such as Putao, Myitkyina, Bhamo, Katha, Tagaung, Kyaukmyaung, Mandalay, etc. At present, the tourists coming to The Irrawaddy Tourist Destination can also spread their eyes of many exceptional bridges built over the river. Some of the best bridges for the scenic views are Irrawaddy Bridge, Anawrahta Bridge, Nawaday Bridge, Maubin Bridge, Ayeyarwady-Dedaye Bridge, Pakokku Bridge, and more. All of these bridge constructions were done by the government. 

The Irrawaddy Is Ideal For Sightseeing and Healing

The vital Irrawaddy River and the fertile Irrawaddy Delta welcome the guests coming to sightsee and photograph. While contemplating the strong flows of the river and the greenness of the delta, your minds are soothed in the most peaceful manner. Most of the life worries will follow the flows to leave you. Just peace and comfort remains. Many people enjoy a short trip to The Irrawaddy since they believe that the river is where they get rid of tension and trauma.

What could be more amazing than enjoying a boat trip on the river of Irrawaddy for the spectacular view of the nature? The Irrawaddy should always be one of the most powerful “spiritual centers” where you come to get healed and empowered.