How to Cycle around Bagan Temples in Myanmar
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Bagan is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Myanmar, known for around 2.200 glittering temples scattered throughout, and how to cycle around Bagan temples is a great experience. Though there are several ways to discover this city, such as by a taxi, a scooter or a tourist bus, but by a bicycle seems to be the most desired option. On a quiet and sandy road, you cycle past the villages and various temples, which results in tons of fun for a lifetime memory. Let’s begin cycling in Bagan.

#1: Choose a bicycle in Bagan Myanmar

It is easy to rent a bicycle through the hotel where you stay. There are options for the electric bikes and normal bicycles that fit the “adult size.” So if you’re going with children, the little travelers should ride on the extra seat on the back of your bicycle. Along the ride, you can expect to meet some other foreign riders who are biking around the temples of Bagan in an exciting way. With the ancient Buddhist and Hindu temple backgrounds, there stand out boundless opportunities for photography with your bikes and the loved ones.

#2: Start with a morning ride around the temples of Bagan

After having breakfast at the hotel, you are energized to start the morning ride around the antique religious sites with a paper map on hand. On Myanmar Tour to Bagan, riding on the rural roads will bring the different experiences. The morning ride is exciting when everybody is eager to discover the mysterious sights, the peanut farming, the sunrise watching, and more.

Morning ride around the temples of Bagan

Morning ride around the temples of Bagan

#3: Know the outstanding sites to stop by during the Bagan bike tours

First of all, Shwe San Daw Pagoda is a must to see in this old city. After spend hours wandering among the religious masterpieces, stopping for numerous photos during the journey, you might come across Shwe San Daw, and now stop your bike for a while. You’re standing in front of the most extraordinary site in Bagan. It’s your chance to climb on the quite steep staircase to reach the high spot for the panoramic view over the whole city as well as many other temples. The view is amazing and spectacular enough to convince you of the unbeatable charm of this consecrated city. While temples seem to be everywhere you turn, the surrounding tropical scenery is beautiful and photogenic.

Next, keep discovering the notable names of Mahazedi Pagoda (or Secret View Temple), Shwegu Gyi Phaya, Ananda Temple, Dhamma Yan Gyi Temple, and Let Put Kan. These sites are situated close to each other within the short biking distance.

  • Mahazedi Pagoda: This is a relatively little and serene site in Old Bagan where to savor the marvelous sunrise. So, cycling to this site in the morning would be greatly recommended.
  • Shwegu Gyi Phaya: This temple is nearby Mahazedi and officially allowed to climb to the summit to watch the sunrise and the sunset. Though it gets crowded during these magical dawn and twilight, the experience is still praiseworthy.
  • Ananda Pagoda: This is one of the oldest temples in Bagan. It remains well-preserved and distinctive from the others. The religious architecture and paintings of Ananda leave the strong impressions on the visitors.
  • Let Put Kan: Cycling on the narrow sand paths, you can reach the hidden Let Put Kan which is away from the crowded spots. The temple appears so mysterious, quiet, and thrilling that urge the adventurers to step into.

Cycling around Bagan temples in Myanmar also delivers authentic opportunities to meet the friendly Burmese residents who live in the traditional villages and preserve their traditions. You might see an old woman puffing away on a big cigar, a young girl demonstrating cotton spinning and weaving, etc. And above all, make sure you watch the sunset in Bagan!