Bagan Tours – Myanmar Bagan Tour Packages

It is the new era of Bagan Tours as more and more tourists have rated the City of Four Million Pagodas high on the list of the must-see holy attractions in the world. Here, you see the thousands-year-old religious monuments, and the best way to view the huge scene is sightseeing via a balloon ride. Ever think of such excitement? Whether it’s yes or no, now you know about Bagan, and don’t miss a chance to witness the land’s iconic temples and explore their long-lasting miracles. Admittedly, the Bagan Stopover Tour supplements to the complete Burma holiday packages that none might refuse.

In fact, Myanmar travel and tours are no longer strange to the oversea tourists and pilgrims as most of them know that Myanmar has Bagan – the big gem that is on par with the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia. During the day-and-night Bagan Tours, you will find it unnecessary to worry about how to spend the time effectively because there stand dozens of significant attractions to see around the Old Bagan and the New Bagan areas. Just evaluate what the Burma travel agency offers you so that you will conclude that Indochina Charm Travel is worth the international praises. The agency doesn’t get praised at random.

Therefore, the suggested Bagan Tours here are exactly what you are looking for to understand the power of the healthy religious trip accurately. Do you have any special wish in mind? Now, think of it, and then when you’ve already experienced the real trip to the mecca, say it to the holy Buddhism statues and pray for goodness. You deserve to be happy, and the actual Bagan Tours will power you so that you can self-figure out the best decisions for almost any life issue. Please never underestimate the potency of the spiritual travel, especially to the sacred Bagan City. If you have any friend, who used to visit Bagan, ask them and they will urge you to pack and go to this bewitching city right away!

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: $478

Bagan wins praise as the City of Four Million Pagodas that grows to be the huge magnet attracting the Buddha pilgrims and travelers internationally. From the old capital of Burma, Yangon, you now can have the ideal stopover in Bagan. Yes, the 4-day-3-night Bagan Stopover Tour lets you fully view the whole religious site in the detailed manner. The whole-day sightseeing in Bagan is seamless; you step into the world of the thousands-year-old pagodas. Know what? You can even arrange for the exciting balloon ride by contacting the tour agent in advance. So now, find everything you need to know about this Myanmar tour below!