Mandalay Tour Packages

In almost any talk about Myanmar package tour, the peace-seeking travelers usually put their focus on Mandalay – the fantastic religious hub. Together with Yangon, Mandalay perfects your vacation day off with many mysterious highlights namely Golden Palace Monastery, Jade Market, etc. In particular, the Mandalay Stopover Tour is excellent enough for the town itself to show off the unbeatable charm. Hundreds of people have experienced it, and many do vote the Mandalay Tours topmost.

With thoughtful assistance from the attentive Myanmar travel agency, you’re assured to end up the trip with needy knowledge and valuable fun right in Mandalay. Trust us! Your money and time will be invested profitably throughout the day-and-night Mandalay Tours in which you get tons of activities to create the lifetime memorabilia. So, within the thoughtfully chosen Myanmar tour packages in Mandalay relied on the self’s budget and fondness, everybody can begin the dreaming journey with peace of mind. Tourists worldwide have been entrusting Burma tour packages, and they often include the famous Mandalay to the itinerary.

How about you? In the first time that you see the golden pagodas and monasteries in Mandalay, you’ll be convinced of their momentous radiance. The religious relics in the town have been withstanding the hard test of time and remaining attractive indeed. So, please come to cherish their beauty in various flattering corners. Perhaps, they are there waiting for you. Whether or not you have ideas to explore Mandalay in the next vacation, just contact Indochina Charm Travel and we’ll perfect everything just for your gladness. Go on experiencing the appealing Mandalay Tours right now!

Mandalay gains fame as the true religious gem of Myanmar that is surely worth a visit. And if you are fond of this famous religious site, just opt for the Mandalay Stopover Tour that covers the two best destinations in Myanmar: Yangon and Mandalay. This 4-day-3-night Myanmar Tour assures that you will see the real beauty of both the bustling Burmese old capital and the mysterious highlights in Mandalay (Mahamuni Paya, Jade Market, Golden Palace Monastery…). The stopover in Mandalay will be full of joy, fun, and knowledge. So now, check out the tour’s itinerary, cost, hotels to be used, and package services by browsing down.