Throughout Myanmar Tour Packages

It might take up to weeks to explore the beautiful Myanmar thoroughly, and of course, the experience is super-duper to share. If you feel tired of work and want to fly away from the city bustle, please give yourself “the wings” to fly to Myanmar – the fertile land of peace and tranquility now. Believably, Myanmar travel and tours will never cease to attract and delight the vacationers who have the long days off because each of the city corners is spotlighted with the fabulous attractions to see.

The top Myanmar tour packages on this page including Myanmar Photography Tour, Myanmar Culinary Journey, Myanmar Temples and Hills Trek, Amazing Trek to Hill Tribes in Myanmar, Burmese Nature and Culture Tour, Myanmar Magnificent Tour, The Best Highlight of Myanmar Tour, A Glimpse of Myanmar Tour, Essential Myanmar Tour, etc. Obviously, dozens of Burma travel tours have been created to meet the personal need and preference of tourists worldwide. As your chosen Burma travel agency, Indochina Charm Travel promises only to offer the most exciting itineraries and services that keep your traveling fires burning throughout the day-and-night exploration.

It’s not exaggerating to announce that Burma travel tours from 5 days to 18 days take you out of the monotonous realm to join the healthy and happy sphere in which you’re free to take fabulous photographs, learn Burmese culture, and enjoy its culinary art. Please be confident to make something for the self’s happiness. Do the first steps to call and book the desired Myanmar package tour from today! The tours are to constantly convince you of the incomparable charm of Myanmar – one of the most bewitching countries in Indochina region.

Each person might have different reasons to travel, and for some of you, the century-old Burmese pagodas and temples plus the serene beach escape, etc., can be the magnets that urge you to book Myanmar Itinerary 12 days. This package will cheer you up with a beautiful Mandalay sightseeing tour, Bagan temple exploration, Inle Lake boat trip, free Ngapali beach relaxation, and flexible Yangon city tour. The essence of the country will be made ready for you to feel, experience, and appreciate. Sorts of attractions to see and activities to do will result in the journey of distinction just in Myanmar that might support your self-discovery. Notice your urge to travel? Go now!

To live to the fullest, a person's lifetime cannot lack amazing trips, and Myanmar Package Tour 12 days can be one of the most beautiful ways to make each second memorable. It is the authentic experience in Yangon City Tour, sightseeing the century-old temples and pagodas of Bagan, peace of U Bein Bridge during the sunset in Mandalay, the Intha fishermen's leg-rowing and friendliness in Inle Lake, etc., that can beautify your travel and build your interest in the Indochina charm of Myanmar. The temple tour, overland adventure, boat trip, traditional workshop-village discovery, etc., will award you the fascinating albums and memories just in Burmese destinations.

If you are spending days of youth for work, love, or anything else, it might be a good time to offer yourself the Myanmar Package Tour 10 days. Travel to Myanmar, your interest in the century-old pagodas and temples, the Burmese long-lasting culture, the legendary U Bein Bridge, the unique leg-rowing of the Intha fishermen, etc., will be truly fulfilled. You will have a great time in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Mingun, Sagaing, and Inle Lake that might become the magnetic inspiration for more grand tours. The overland expedition and the boat trip are what you need to tour around the country, reveal its highlights, and create amazing albums. Get started with this trendy package now!

As money returns in an easy or difficult way but time doesn’t, let’s use some days and nights to travel to desired destinations, and Myanmar itinerary 10 days might be a package that urges you to go now. The top places of interest in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Mingun, Sagaing, and Inle Lake promise to make your time pleasant and memorable in the enigmatic country filled with the gold-encrusted pagodas. The exciting Yangon full-day sightseeing tour, beyond-your-expectation Bagan temple city discovery, beautiful time in U Bein Bridge and other highlights of Mandalay, and cultural stay in Inle Lake will turn to be great chapters in your life stories.

Myanmar owns the world's largest temple city of Bagan, the charming Mandalay, spectacular rural Kalaw, and culturally beautiful Inle Lake, which are all great elements in Myanmar Itinerary 9 days. While Mandalay has the famous U Bein Bridge and the unique Evening Chants at Yankin hill, Bagan preserves the century-old temples to cherish. What's more, Kalaw will introduce you to the real rural Myanmar with fresh air, green forest, remote trekking trails, etc., and Inle Lake shows you the Intha fishermen’s unique leg-rowing style. The Yangon City Tour will be so beautiful that can turn to be the long-lasting memory. Each day in Myanmar, you will have nice stories to tell and stunning scenes to photograph.

For a reason to travel, then the ancient Burmese pagodas, remarkable Inle Lake, and attractive U-Bein teak bridge might be worth your experiences to opt for Myanmar Itinerary 8 days. It will show you the top attractions of Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Mingun, Inle Lake, and Indein. Included in the 8-day tour will be the boundless temple sightseeing and photography opportunities for the true feelings about the century-old Burmese religious monuments. The Pa-Oh village, the Intha fishermen's leg-rowing style, or the hot-air balloon ride over Bagan will leave pleasant memories that are hard to achieve elsewhere. Enjoy Myanmar Tour to the fullest that each second is delightful, each minute is worthwhile, and each day is beautiful.

Warming up your vacation by Myanmar itinerary 6 days that will take you to the top corners of Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake. Each of the major destinations preserves the century-old pagodas and temples, the fantastic boat trip, and the countryside exploration that are hard to find elsewhere beyond Myanmar. Some of the most outstanding Buddhist monuments in Myanmar are covered in this package. What's more, the optional tours of Sunset Cruise and Bagan Hot-air Balloon Ride can definitely exhilarate you every second. There will be cultural experiences that you discover the Intha fishermen's unique leg-rowing style, local lacquerware workshops, Shan paper-making villages, and more.

If you have up to 13 days off, what could be more thrilling than experiencing the Myanmar Temples & Hills Trek Tour? This 13-day-12-night Myanmar Tour interestingly takes you to the five best destinations here including Yangon, Kyaing Tong, Inle Lake, Mandalay, and Bagan. While the city Yangon tour gives you a feel for the Burmese old capital, the Kyaing Tong trekking enjoyment and whole-day sightseeing in Inle Lake, Mandalay, and Bagan leave you with hundreds of photos and stories to share. You will surely love the Myanmar’s golden, momentous temples, and hills trek challenges. Check out the tour’s details (price, hotels, service, program…)!

What could be more everlasting than the 6-day-5-night Essential Myanmar Tour to both The Mysterious Ancient City and Magical Lake here? Only a few can defeat this tour offer that eagerly brings you the huge magnets of Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake. These three fantastic sites make sure that your traveling expectation will be transformed to the notch of success. While the old capital city Yangon lets you witness the ancient Burmese Kingdom, the “City of Four Million Pagodas” Bagan spiritually fulfills your mind, and the majestic Inle Lake refreshes your whole system. That is perfect! Find out the tour’s vital cost, hotels, services…here.

Myanmar is the homeland of many famous highlights that makes it eminent and competent enough to please even the most fastidious tourists. Just experience The Best Highlight of Myanmar (11 days/10 nights), and you can fully see the extraordinary details of the land’s biggest magnets. The magical sites to be explored are Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, and Golden Rock. Yes, these are spotlighted as the best highlights of Burma where you step into the new world of the old capital Burmese city, the paradise of temples, the majestic lake, and the enigmatic golden rock. Pore over the tour’s program, price, hotels, and package services now!

Both the amateur and seasoned photographers get fulfilled in the fabulous highlights of Myanmar as the nature (caves, lake, hills…) and religious sites here are competent enough to create the best photos ever. The 10-day-9-night Myanmar Photography Tour seems to best fit you and give you the unlimited opportunities to photograph in the free manner. When you are in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Kalaw, and Inle Lake, you can eagerly snap the best moments of the old Burmese capital city Yangon, the city of Four Million Pagodas Bagan, the idyllic Inle Lake, the religious gem Mandalay, and more. Clear your curiosity about the tour’s program, price, hotels, remarks…here!

Myanmar will never disappoint the foodies who hold the big interest in Myanmar cuisine. Just take the 8-day-7-night Myanmar Culinary Journey, and you will soon agree that the culinary enjoyment is boundless in this golden country. After the overnight, sightseeing, exploring the top sites of Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Heho, and Inle Lake, you will join the cooking lesson performed by the seasoned chief. The seventh morning in Bagan will be happily boasted via the cooking class that teaches you the ingredients for Myanmar dishes. Just mingle with the local in the lovely Kandawgyi Park, hollow Botahtaung Pagoda, etc. Know about the tour’s cost, itinerary, service, hotels…here!