Yangon Tour Packages

The image of Yangon significantly contributes to the appeal of Myanmar travel and tours these days. More and more tourists admire Myanmar – the land of the golden pagodas and temples that only a few destinations can match. Admittedly, Yangon, the old capital of Myanmar, is the strongest magnet attracting flocks of visitors to see the renowned religious monuments, pure nature, and chummy townspeople.

If you’re finding the honest travel agency Yangon, Indochina Charm Travel stands out to assist. Within the Yangon Tour, there offer dozens of interesting opportunities to realize the actual attractiveness of the destination where the whole world concur it to be the Buddhism mecca. So, the list of the best Yangon Tour for your reference always includes Typical Myanmar Ecotour, Inle Lake Stopover Tour, Yangon Lifestyle Tour, Yangon Stopover Tour, and Golden Rock Stopover Tour.

All of these tour options are worth the price and experience. They are mostly available to provide you with the best Burma holiday packages ever all year round so that you recognize what makes up the special tourism in this beautiful land. What is the fullest channel to explore Yangon? Of course, via us, the worthwhile travel agency Yangon as well as the leading Myanmar tour operator. Do feel free to call to get every detail of the appealing tour packages to Yangon. Please entrust Yangon with your desirable travel plans and do not hesitant anymore! Time flies swiftly, and it is your turn to get out of the box and fly to the charming Yangon. The sweet and enjoyable memory will last until old age, and you will confidently satisfy with what Yangon is all about.

Yangon itinerary 4 days is a smartly-designed package that takes you to the most attractive tourist attractions namely Shwedagon, Sule Pagoda, Chauk Htat Gyi, Bogyoke Aung San Market, etc. This is the next wonderful thing to do to beautify your life chapters. The ancient city preserves a variety of interesting experiences. Not only does it offer a Yangon full discovery, but also the fantastic time in the unparalleled Golden Rock, Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, and mysterious Bago. You can create an admirable album about Yangon that is not characterized by skyscrapers or international luxurious brands. Rather, it is about the golden pagodas, the exceptional Golden Rock sticking in the steep cliff, and the peaceful Bago.

Inle Lake gives you a good feel for the wonderful water world that is romantic, idyllic, and peaceful. The stopover at this famous lake surely eases your whole system. After a day tour in the old capital city of Myanmar, Yangon, come to Inle Lake since it is wholesomely beautiful. The green serenity makes sure the perfect background for some of the best photos ever. The long scenic lake is also dotted with the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda that boosts your spiritual health. The private boat trip and overnight in Inle Lake are memorable indeed. Dig for details (cost, hotels, services…) about this 4-day-3-night Inle Lake Stopover Tour here!

You are now eager to experience a new Burmese lifestyle, and yes, the Yangon Lifestyle is more exciting than you ever think. The old capital city of Myanmar, Yangon, will never disappoint any guest coming to its highlights of Shwedagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San market, hollow Botahtuang Pagoda, etc., and also witnessing the daily life of the Myanmar people. This 4-day-3-night Yangon Lifestyle Tour does take you to the two eminent sites: Yangon and Twante. Expect to do what the local does so that you are soon indulged in the stress-free ambiance. Look for vital information about the tour’s itineray, cost for low/high season, hotels, package services…stated below.

Yangon is always the must-see destination in Myanmar that none misses. And if you want to stop by Yangon fantastically, just experience the Yangon Stopover Tour that lasts 4 days/3 nights. This tour offer assures that you can fully discover the majestic charm of both Yangon – the old capital city of Burma – and the two others notable sites: Bago and Thanlyin. The city tour and overnight in Yangon take you to the bustling yet enigmatic world where the life anxieties have no place indeed. Browse to get a feel for the tour’s itinerary, cost, hotels, and package services right away!

Myanmar owns the enigmatic charm incorporated in each of its highlights, and the Golden Rock in Kyaiktiyo seems to be the biggest magnet. Just experience the Golden Rock Stopover Myanmar Tour, and you will soon realize the fact that the glittering rock itself embraces the incomparable beauty and value. This 4-day-3-night Myanmar Tour will pleasurably take you to the two remarkable sites: Yangon and Golden Rock. After getting entertained in the Burmese old capital (Yangon), you will have the awesome stopover at the Golden Rock to witness the extraordinary site recorded in the paper, photo, and video. Examine the tour’s cost and 3-and-5-star hotels to be used here!

When you look at Myanmar nature in paper and photo, you may agree that this golden country is beautiful and enigmatic. Yes, in fact, the nature of Burma goes beyond every way used to describe it. The 10-day-9-night Typical Myanmar Ecotour attempts to convince you of its absolute nature via the four hot spots: Yangon, Bago, Taungoo, and Pyay. The city tour to Yangon is awesome while the sightseeing in Bago is delightful. More interestingly, the tour becomes completed with the great elephant camp in Taungoo.