Most of the tourists who are about to visit Myanmar may share the common questions regarding the best places to photograph in this golden country. If you are on the quest, just read  the following bits as they are just created to direct you to the most spectacular sites to take pictures in Myanmar at best.

#1: Bagan – The City of Hundreds of Temples

bagan-burma (6)

With hundreds of the ancient and scenic temples, Bagan stands out as the #1 place for you to take photos in the country of the golden temples – Myanmar. The photographing opportunities are infinite here. While the sunset showers the pagodas beneath with the incredible look, the sun across the plains and the pagodas make your photos shine. The day-and-night stay in Bagan lets you record the full charm of the ancient city in the different dimensions.

The city of hundreds of temples looks holy and stunning in the sunrise and turns to be awe-inspiring in the sunset. If possible, arrange for the balloon trips above the hundreds of the religious holy sites beneath to take the most incomparable photos. You find no way better than the balloon to discover the real charm of Bagan. Without a doubt, this option must be included in the Myanmar Photography Tour !

#2: Yangon – The Impressive City Of Pagodas

yangon Burma

Most of the temples in Yangon, the old capital of Myanmar, look highly impressive. The wonderful portraits can be easily taken right in the heart of the city where is full of the spectacular religious buildings for you to film. As an illustration, the Shwedagon Pagoda is the most remarkable and sacred site, offering the awesome background for the thrilling pictures. It seems you are standing in the paradise of Buddhism.

#3: Inle Lake – The Tranquil Lake for Unique Photos of One-Legged Rowers

Inle Lake Burma

Being famous for the picturesque face and tranquil air, the Inle Lake in Myanmar offers the ideal landscape for the restful photos out of the bustling city life. You find no bustle and hustle in the photos; just the peaceful and fabulous scenes. Besides, there are the floating village and the temples around the stunning lake.

Especially, if you arrive in the temple of the jumping cats (the cats are taught to jump across a ring by the Buddhist monks), you can take the unique pictures of these cute and smart cats. The beauty of the reputable lake has been documented with the perfect setting of the lake, mountain, green trees, beautiful flowers, floating house, tomato floating garden, etc. And of course, don’t miss the photos of the one-legged rowers.

#4: The Golden Rock in Kyaiktiyo

The giant and mysterious rock is covered the golden leaves that make it extremely eye-catching, sacred, and stunning from the very first sight. You recognize the Golden Rock from afar. Please note that the women are not permitted to touch the holy rock, but photographing is acceptable. The generations of pilgrims have contributed greatly to the incredible look of the enigmatic rock nowadays. This famous site is surely worth a look. There is also a Buddhism legend behind the presence of the “tottery-looking” rock. All photographers adore the rock from the first look.