How to Discover Myanmar in the Most Beautiful Ways
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Myanmar is still an enigmatic “Golden Land” to some people who know a little about this destination, and how to discover Myanmar in the most beautiful ways is still a new, interesting topic. If this is your first-time adventure to this mysterious and appealing land, here are 5 ways to make this Indochina travel as fantastic as possible.

#1: Visit Mingun – the largest unfinished pagoda in Myanmar

If you want to contemplate what should have been the largest pagoda in the world, then discover Mingun Paya via a boat trip away from Mandalay. This towering stupa was first constructed in the 18th century; however, a dark prophecy told that King would die and his kingdom would collapse upon the finish of the stupa. This caused a deadlock on the building at merely 1/3 of the height of the former plans. Shortly after that, the King passed away, and Mingun Paya was never finished, making it the largest unfinished pagoda in Myanmar which is still magnificent with the massive walls. Just beside the incomplete towering stupa, travelers can find a smaller-scale model of the construction if it had been finished.

#2: Behold the unique white beauty of Hsinbyume Pagoda in Myanmar

Set apart from the golden pagodas, Hsinbyume Pagoda in Myanmar owns extraordinary white beauty that mesmerizes visitors. This white construction was dedicated to commemorating Princess Hsinbyume who died during childbirth. With the captivating white façade and matchless spherical structure bordered by seven layers of wave-like terraces, this pagoda is the outstanding gem among other awe-inspiring religious sites. While the ground of this memorial is truly photogenic thanks to the white charm, the top view is rewarding with mountainous panorama and peaceful Irrawaddy River.

#3: Marvel at Inle Lake in Myanmar

Inle Lake in Myanmar has long been a celebrated tourist spot known for the wonderful serenity, unique leg-rowing style of Intha fishermen, amazing lake scenery, nice floating villages, and relaxing boat trips. There are various excellent reviews on the lake discovery, making Inle Lake a must to see. If asking for a way to see Myanmar in a beautiful way, then picturesque Inle Lake in the Western Shane will never disappoint you. Taking a boat trip during sunset, you cannot stop praising how gorgeous the twilight is behind the mountains and on the river. Other top highlights include Inn Thein Pagoda Complex, Inn Thein Village, and Kakku Pagoda.

#4: Admire the unbeatable sparkle of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

Any travel to Yangon Myanmar cannot be complete without a trip to Shwedagon Pagoda, surely. This tourism symbol is proudly set on Singuttara Hill and visible from almost every corner of Yangon. The gilded appearance is truly eye-catching even from afar, and at the first sight, you’ll have to admit that there are only a few masterpieces on a par with this Golden Pagoda. Also, Shwedagon enshrined the holy Buddhism relics of the Buddha hair and tooth. Sometimes, words are powerless and pictures are incapable to describe the real magnificence of this golden stupa, and you’d better come to view it in person. A visit in the evening is highly recommended when the lights illuminate the pagoda and make the whole scenery splendid.

#5: Get once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Bagan – Land of a Thousand Temples

With more than 2.000 iconic stupas sprawled across, Bagan is a unique ancient city that keeps amazing guests by the awe-inspiring archaeological ruins. The city can take visitors back in time when the antique temples were as magnificent as imagined. Renting an e-bike to get around the sites, and you’d better go with a list of the highlights to see. Unlike Angkor Archaeological Park which is busy with tourists, some temples in Bagan are less touristy that offers the ideal serenity to meditate and soak in marvelous energy. Last but not least, make sure to feast eyes on the colorful balloons and incredible sunrise on Bagan temples.

Love discovering antique archaeological ruins? Travel to Myanmar will be one of your best choices ever, and now just go with the how-to.