Though Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) might be rustic, there is no lack of the awesome eateries. More and more elegant restaurants are popping up in the region to serve better the new gourmets. There are two big categories of the eateries in this area: the first category serves the local Shan dishes and the second one offers the Western pancake and pasta. So, where to eat in Nyaung Shwe? You will come across the nice mix of the local Shan cuisine and the Western one, and the key is to pick up the excellent eateries only.

#1: Inn Thar Lay Restaurant

This restaurant is privileged to serve the delicious Shan and Chinese foods. Almost passers-by are attracted by Inn Thar Lay at the first sight as it looks interesting: the stilted wooden house on the romantic lake. To some people, the visit to Inle Lake also means the must to eat in this popular restaurant. Besides, it is quite close to the sacred Phaungdawoo Pagoda so that you can travel to the pagoda after the happy meals here. Book in advance if possible!

#2: Golden Kite Restaurant

Nyaung Shwe Golden Kite RestaurantIf holding the tastes for pasta and pizza, do not miss the Golden Kite Restaurant where to savor a true Indian meal right in Inle Lake! Also, the menu covers some fantastic European dishes and the veggie options, making it the valuable place to eat. While the atmosphere is inspiring and comfortable, the food is stunning and fairly priced, and the staff speaks good English; every trait enhances the position of Golden Kite in the Nyaung Shwe’s restaurant ranking.

#3: Inle Pancake Kingdom

Nyaung Shwe Inle Pancake KingdomWhat a wonderful name that gourmets find it hard to resist! They will inevitably enter the “pancake kingdom” to eat the iconic pancakes filled with the stunning varieties. In combined with the fresh juice, the dish makes you mouth-watering indeed. So, join the Inle Pancake Kingdom, and you will NEVER regret.

#4: Ann’s Restaurant

Nyaung Shwe Ann’s RestaurantThe other highly suggested place to eat in Inle Lake is Ann’s Restaurant where serves the nice menu of the Shan and Chinese delicacies. If you want the stunning Burmese foods, just come here because this dining spot takes pride to guarantee the patrons’ culinary enjoyment via their specialties straightly cooked from the Shan kitchen. Lots of precious gastronomic delights to accumulate.

#5: Four Sisters Inn

Nyaung Shwe Four Sisters InnThe Four Sisters Inn owns the excellent restaurant inside. Here, both the hotel guests and the non-guests enjoy the scrumptious Shan foods in a welcoming way. Together with the good music, dance, and friendliness, this dining establishment is praiseworthy and worth recommending to the international gourmets.

#6: Miss Nyaung Shwe Restaurant

Miss Nyaung Shwe RestaurantOnly the name of the restaurant has made it appealing to the new guests. You travel to Nyaung Shwe, and you should eat in Miss Nyaung Shwe Restaurant. What a great technique! Here, you find the perfect menu of Shan and Chinese dishes, pancakes, and pasta. Along with the appetizing food, the beer and picturesque view of Inle Lake make the mealtime more romantic.

#7: Nam Pan Restaurant

Positioned in the southern part of Inle Lake, Nam Pan is the attractive establishment to the connoisseurs that are interested in the traditional Burmese dishes as well as the Chinese ones. This restaurant usually receives the thumbs up from the intimate patrons and the visitors who appreciate the great food flavors and dedicated services.

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