Yangon is the home to some of the most delicious and original eateries in Myanmar (formerly called Burma). If you’re in Yangon and feel hungry but have no ideas about where to eat in Yangon, here are nine best addresses to take into consideration so that your stomach can be as full as wished. Some people even say that they cannot live in Yangon without these ten food stalls.

#1: 999 Shan Noodle House

This is the very familiar name to the tourists who are fond of fast food in the Shan style namely noodle options and accompaniments. In this upbeat and centrally located zone, you know what’s called Shan style.

#2: Acacia Tea Salon

In the first time that you look at Acacia Tea Salon, you will be attracted by its refined décor and superb services. As its name has stated, this place specializes in the tea drink; besides, expect to find a rich collection of the Western main course delicacies in this cozy place. Eating in Yangon cannot be complete if you miss out the name of Acacia.

#3: Le Planteur

If you’re keen on the modern European and Indochinese flavors, just proceed towards Le Planteur in the center of Yangon. It is the impressive colonial house beautified with the lush green gardens. The prices for the dishes in Le Planteur are relatively high, but they are worth your dollars and cents. Along with that, the wine list is fantastic to delight the wine fans, especially at night with the high-class gourmets around.

#4: Shwe Sa Bwe

If preferring the tranquil food stall to the busy one, Shwe Sa Bwe is the ideal restaurant to settle. Besides serving the Burmese foods and drinks, this place also functions as the training school for the underprivileged kids in the region. Such charity pursuit profoundly makes this restaurant worth an experience. Widely stating, the foods here are high-quality and succulent while the social goodness lies in the eco-friendly bags.

#5: House of Memories

Located in an impressive French-style house (the former residence of General Aung San), the House of Memories serve both Asian and Western dishes, but what makes up its fame is the traditional Burmese cuisine. Just come to perceive the delightful dining experience!

#6: Feel Myanmar Food

You may know that Yangon is famous for the laid-back, quiet ambiance with the golden pagodas and the long-standing history incorporated in each of the city corners. If appreciating a feel for the real Yangon and savoring the local delicacies, the best address is Feel Myanmar Food, which offers the tasty foods and the non-touristy environment for you to get immersed in the Yangon world.

#7: Kosan Café

Positioned in the central Yangon, this café shop is the favorite venue for the local people as well as the tourists. Here, you find the delectable Myanmar dishes as well as the Asia favorites. Just come to indulge the palate!

#8: Monsoon Restaurant

With the authentic Southeast Asian menus and elegant decors, this restaurant offers the excellent foods to delight your stomach. The craft shop upstairs fulfills the beautiful culinary experience in Yangon.

#9: The Green Elephant Restaurant

As a verified food chain of mini size in Myanmar, this restaurant focuses on the Burmese foods, which suit tastes of all connoisseurs. While space is relaxing, the service is nice, and the meals are reasonably priced.

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