Myanmar is said to possess the primeval charm of Asia showcased via its spectacular nature and gracious people. Without a doubt, this golden land is the ideal destination for ecotourism, in which the tourists come to experience and evaluate the rich national parks and wildlife here.

If you’re thinking of the Myanmar Ecotour, it’s your turn to commence such the once-in-a-lifetime journey to 40 National Parks system in Burma, including the Wildlife Sanctuaries, Bird Sanctuaries, Protected Areas, etc. The parks are all managed by the Wildlife Department of Ministry of Forestry. So, which Parks to visit for the best ecotourism experience? Though there are many, three candidates stand out of the crowds.

#1: Khakaborazi National Park

With the height of 9,052 meters, Khakaborazi is the highest mountain in Myanmar where the significant National Park was built in 1996. The park formerly served as the nature reserve and then it was recognized as the National Park in 1998 for the purpose of protecting the rich biodiversity surrounding the mountain.

This eco-site is full of pine and deciduous forests that attract many rare butterflies such as the yellow-and-black Swallowtail. Besides, Khakaborazi National Park stores some species of the native orchids. Today, many tourists and climbers visit the Park and make it the great base camp to enjoy the scenic views from the mountain peak.

#2: Nat Ma Taung National Park

ASEAN granted Nat Ma Taung (Mount Victoria) the great title as Myanmar’s newest Heritage Park in October 2012. The Park itself was founded in 1994 and covered the area of 720 square kilometers. Such area protects the evergreen and mixed forests associated with the rare species of orchids and butterflies that are only found in Myanmar. About the wildlife here, it includes the leopards, wild boars, tigers, gibbons, and hundreds of the different species of birds. There are lots of endangered species protected in this natural park.

#3: Hlawaga National Park

About 35km to the north of Yangon, Hlawaga National Park is the popular destination for the eco-tourists who have the strong passion for the wildlife. The park also attracts many families coming to witness up to 21 different species of mammals, 145 species of birds, and 8 kinds of reptiles. Besides, the presence of the mini zoo lets you see how some wild animals like tigers, leopards, crocodiles, and bears live in an authentic manner. You can also expect to experience the elephant ride, rock climbing, boating, and trekking through the green park.

In fact, Myanmar Ecotourism has won the eco-tourists’ praises for its rich collection of national parks & wildlife. Some other great options are Popa Mountain National Park, Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park, Lenya National Park, Lampi Island Marine National Park, National Kandawgyi Botanical Garden, etc. These fantastic options ensure the eco-travelers to see the wildlife and biodiversity in Myanmar fully. Check out Myanmar ecological tour 10 days here !

Apart from the golden temples and pagodas or the enigmatic history, Myanmar National Parks delights the nature lovers via the real safari experience in the lush and mixed deciduous forest, hill grassland, pine trees, etc. And, the interesting wildlife makes the National Parks their homes as well as the popular destinations for the adventurers in the world.

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