Enjoyable Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake in 3 Days
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Kalaw is a fabulous hill town for the best trekking experience in Myanmar while Inle Lake is a well-known natural site with the beautiful scenery and the local fishermen’s unique leg-rowing style. Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake has become the preferred trail for many trekkers and adventurers who love to discover the destinations on foot.

Kalaw – Inle Lake Trekking in 3 Days

The first day should get started at Kalaw in Burma in the early morning. It takes a couple of hours to reach the first resting stop before you continue trekking through various terrains of mountains, tea plantations, jungles, and little villages. In one of the village, you enjoy the appetizing lunch with several local dishes such as the avocado salad, the fried noodles, and the fruits. Know that the Burmese people love to eat and drink tea. That is why you find the green tea available on the dining tables together with other kinds of beverage like soda and beer. The trek goes on passing by the local elementary school and the railway station. Then, you are likely to arrive at the homestay place before or at sunset. The later hours are dedicated to eating dinner, relaxing, and sleeping.

The second day marks the trekking routes toward the villages, green fields, and lush forests around Kalaw. The foremost highlight to see is the 70-year-old Pa-O Village in which the Pa-O ethnic women weave the Burmese scarfs and bags, and also wear the colorful scarfs as the turbans. The ethnic lifestyle is one of the most attractive traits of the Kalaw trekking packages appreciated by the trekker communities. The trekking journey goes on to the fields of sesame, chili, and flowers. Cherish the peaceful farming scenery dotted with the Burmese farmers, the cows, and the buffalos on the extensive greenness. There notice lots of shadows for you to take a rest. The second trek day ends at the homestay villages where to experience the local ethnic traditions and ways of living.

The third day is scheduled to reach the local village in which you take a boat trip to Nyaung Shwe. It takes around one hour to obtain the spectacular view of Inle Lake – the top attraction to see around Kalaw. Not only does the Lake gain fame for the picturesque landscape and peaceful lifestyle, but it is also famous for the exceptional leg-rowing style performed by the local fishermen. In Inle Lake, the local men row only by one leg while standing still on the boat by the other leg. The lake view is so fantastic that you instantly fall in love with the unbeatable peace and beauty there. The boat trip goes smoothly and peacefully that calm your mind and energize you much. What’s more, the water-based livelihood of the locals will give you the different outlooks on the local culture and lifestyle.

On the way trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake

On the way trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake

The Popular Trek Options in Kalaw

Together with the 3-day trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake, there stand out several popular packages to suit the visitors’ preferences. You can select the trek options of 2 days and 1 night to Kalaw. This trail is proper for the basic fitness level, and you are expected to spend the night at the homestay village. Besides, day trek is feasible in Kalaw if you do not want a night in the local village. A variety of trekking companies ensures that the individuals and groups of trekkers can get the preferred options to discover the pristine Kalaw.

As Kalaw Town is around 50km from Inle Lake, the 2 or 3-day trekking trip embraces lots of joy and scenic views to nurture your hiking passion. From the forested hills to the challenging trails, the pristine forests, and the ethnic villages, you can gather various memorable stories and photo albums to keep until the old age. Know that Kalaw is the main setting for the well-known novel “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats” by Jan-Phillip Sendker. Perhaps, after the Kalaw Trekking Tours, you can even write books about the journeys. Contact your Burma Tour Agency at sales@indochinacharmtravel.com to get the detailed trekking tour program from Kalaw to Inle Lake at best deals!

Boat trip on Inle Lake, Myanmar

Boat trip on Inle Lake, Myanmar

The Necessary Equipment for Trekking in Kalaw

Here are just several of the required equipment for the smooth trekking.

  • Trekking/running/mountain shoes.
  • Sunhat and sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.
  • An adequate backpack for 2 or 3 days, and know that other luggage will be transferred to your hotel at Inle Lake if you book the Kalaw-Inle Lake trekking trail.
  • The warm clothes to keep you cozy at night because the temperature drops to several degrees in the evening.
  • The first-aid kit including the necessary medicines and plasters.
  • The Burmese Kyats or US Dollars to buy the water bottles and snacks on the routes.

When to Trek in Kalaw Myanmar

The dry, winter season (from October to March) is the ideal time to trek in Kalaw Myanmar. During these months, the trekkers enjoy the comfortable weather at night but the daytime is quite hot. Therefore, you are highly recommended to bring the water bottles to avoid dehydration while trekking through the fantastic terrains. Among this period, November and December are the two best months to see Kalaw, in terms of the weather conditions plus the local festivals.

In the months of April – September, there might appear some rains, particularly in September with the soggy condition. Know that the temperature will rise from April, grouping the following months in the summertime which costs you much sweat and effort to conquer the trails.

Kalaw is the elegant hill town in the Shan State of Myanmar, dotted with the rugged mountains, primitive forests, inspiring trails, and ethnic villages. The culture of the Pa-O and the Palaung ethnic groups can interest the visitors much. The homestay is the best opportunity for you to experience the local ways of living with various real-time interactions. Whether you trek in Kalaw solo or in a group, the destination promises to fulfill your days and nights with the scenic sights to see and exciting activities to do. The seasoned trekkers all know Kalaw, and this is your turn.

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