Myeik (formerly called Mergui) is located on a peninsula that juts out into the Andaman Sea. It is the bustling and strategically vital port for more than 500 years.  In the town of Myeik, there are many colonial-era buildings that mark the land’s attractions. Also, the harbor of Myeik is full of the hundreds of fishing boats whose sizes are diverse. The tourists will surely find the scenes inspirational and engaging. More interestingly, you can choose to experience the pre-arranged cruises that sail from Kawthaung to some islands nearby Myeik. Besides the cruise, it’s possible to hire the local fishing boat to reach the pristine islands.

Travel to the Far-Off Myeik Archipelago

Myeik Archipelago is the untouched, remote, and beautiful island area of more than 36,000 square km. It runs along the Andaman Sea at the southernmost tip of Burma. The Mergui Islands are where you enjoy some of the most wonderful diving in the Southeast Asia. The primitive paradise welcomes the guests that love boating and diving. Since the Archipelago is untouched by tourism, you will find the incredible underwater topography here. The rich collection of bird, animal, plant, and marine life is praiseworthy.

The Archipelago covers more than 8000 islands that are mainly uninhabited. Traveling around the islands, you can feast the eyes with the impressive limestone outcrops, thick tropical rainforests, primitive white sand, and transparently turquoise water. Please note that most of the sites lack the accommodation for the tourists! Therefore, the visitors mostly explore the Myeik Archipelago on a tour package including the pre-arranged hotels, meals, dive boats, and transport. You can choose to rest in the guesthouses or hotels in the main towns of Kawthung, Myeik Town, and Ranong.

One of the most exceptional experiences in your Myeik Myanmar Tours is the encounter with ethnic Salon people who are referred to as the sea gypsies. These special figures predominantly live on the boats and only come to the land in the wet season to prepare the boats. You can learn much about the traditional boat building and fishing of the Salon people here. They are the great living examples of the ethnic groups in Myanmar that value the presence of sensitive coral reefs. 

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Play in the Myeik Town and the Nearby Attractions

The life of the Myeik Town is very bustling that provides the tourists with the best play after a long journey to the Myeik Archipelago and the nearby attractions such as the Theindawgyi Pagoda, Bogyoke Road, Mingalar Lake, etc. The Myeik night market is powerful and vibrant enough to entertain even the most fastidious guests.

What’s more, the presence of the clock tower, colonial-era building, fire station, old fire trucks, reclining Buddha, and hilltop pagoda makes your Myeik Myanmar Tours an experience to remember till the old age. The panoramic view of the town across the water and island let you be the “free birds”.

Plus, you can take advantage of the sidecars and motorbike taxis to get around the Myeik Town. The full exploration of the town lets you see its real charm. People travel to Myeik/Mergui day by day. The next groups of tourists are about to flight to Myeik, Myanmar; be nimble-footed to begin the once-in-a-lifetime tour!