Famous Places for Trekking in Myanmar – The Best Routes for the Best Treks
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If being fond of the on-foot exploration, know that there are some famous places for trekking in Myanmar that you cannot skip. Besides being ideal as the Golden Land with the gilded and sacred pagodas, this Buddhist country is also famed for trekking and hiking. Trek in the following recommended routes so that you enjoy both the spectacular views of Nature and the exceptional cultural diversity of the ethnic minorities.

#1: Kalaw and Inle Lake – The Best Spots You Should Trek in Myanmar

Myanmar Trekking Kalaw is the top keyword frequently searched by the trekkers worldwide who look for the most popular routes for trekking in Myanmar. In fact, the routes from Kalaw to Inle Lake is amongst the most favorites chosen by the adventure seekers nowadays. Trekking through the Shan hills can appeal to people who go on the guided trek of two or three days or more. This destination delivers the memorable trekking experiences, including the delicious homemade Burmese meals, the scenic Inle Lake, the peaceful atmosphere, and the pristine nature.

Know that Kalaw is about 70km west of Inle Lake, which requires the trekkers to have the good level of fitness to overcome any challenges rising along the primitive routes. As the beautiful hill town, Kalaw itself is best for the hill trekking activity that you might ever desire for. The enchanting views can even make you the artists and novelists. It’s fancy to know that the famous novel “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats” by Jan-Philipp Sendker took Kalaw as the major setting. The hill town is also famous for the rich ethnic lifestyle of the Pa-O, Palaung, Danu, and Taung Yo groups. The outstanding highlights to uncover during your treks include Inle Lake, Thein Taung Pagoda, Shwe U Min Pagoda, and Palaung Village.

Trekking at Kalaw, Myanmar

Trekking at Kalaw, Myanmar

#2: Zwegabin Mountain – The Amazing Place for You to Trek in Myanmar

People say that you will inevitably fall in love with Myanmar trekking tour via the one-time trek in Zwegabin Mountain. This is the hiking paradise for all backpackers who are ready to discover the primitive jungle, the mystic mountain, and the real wildlife. The wild taste adventure in this mountain can be done in one day, including the overnight stay in the high spot to catch the majestic sunset and sunrise. On the top of the mountain, you see the ancient and small monastery that looks absolutely peaceful and sacred. There, you can try feeding the monkeys on the spot.

There is the place called the Buddha forest that you need to trek through on the way toward the bottom of the mountain. The landscapes are beyond spectacular, and your eyes will be feasted happily. The photography opportunities are boundless, and each corner is photogenic and exquisite. Make sure you do not miss out this gem in Burma.

Trekking at Zwegabin Mountain, Myanmar

#3: Putao – The Pristine Routes All Trekkers Appreciate in Myanmar

Situated in the far north of Kachin State, Putao Town owns the pristine conditions for hiking. The top characteristics include the thick subtropical forests, rugged hills, stunning valleys, bamboo groves, and especially the view of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains from afar. Trekking in Putao, you are showered with numerous ideal routes to discover what is inside the dense jungles, how magnificent the hills are, and how challenging the mountains are to conquer, etc. Whether you want the short treks or the long ones, Putao has various routes and different difficulty levels that fit you.

The adventure in Putao Myanmar is memorable and special that marks the milestone in your tourism paths. This charming town in the Himalayan Foothills stays best for trekking during the summertime. Take time beholding the orchids and watching the birds if you see them along the way. While the town itself is good enough for hiking and trekking, it is also the popular stopover for the skilled mountaineers who attempt to conquer the legendary Himalaya. This area is also home to the Kachin and Lisu ethnic groups. The cultural discovery during the treks in this pristine place for trekking in Myanmar is enjoyable.

Trekking in Putao, Myanmar

Trekking in Putao, Myanmar

#4: Keng Tung – The Charming Rustic Place for Trekking in Myanmar

Nested in the far east of Myanmar, Keng Tung belongs to the Shan State, which is recognizable for the medieval and rustic charm. This is also a home to some Burmese tribes such as the Shan, Palaung, Lahu, Akha, and La Mone. It’s said that you can meet some of the forgotten tribes in Keng Tung – the ideal shelter featured with the ranges of the grandiose and imposing mountains. Without a doubt, this destination is great for mountain trekking in which you enjoy the nature discovery as well as the ethnic culture learning.

The trekking routes in Keng Tung are praiseworthy with abundant time to meet the ethnic minorities, contemplate the breathtaking mountain views, discover the decaying colonial buildings, and learning the cultural diversity amidst the intact landscapes. Know that most sections of this city remain detached and pristine, which means you will have the bustle-free treks. Nonetheless, you should trek with a tour guide for all good reasons, especially in the areas in the east of Shan State, nearby the international land borders.

Meet Hill Tribe People while trekking at Keng Tung, Myanmar

Meet Hill Tribe People while trekking at Keng Tung, Myanmar

#5: Hsipaw – The Incredibly Good Destination for Trekking in Myanmar

Located 200km northeast of Mandalay, Hsipaw is a lovely small town, with the relaxed and slow pace of life. The eminent features of this destination for a trek include the panoramic spot from the mighty Shan hills, the traditional ethnic villages, the spectacular highlands, the lush rice paddies, and the chummy ethnic people. In that sense, trekking in Hsipaw is about climbing the mountains, experiencing the ethnic diversity, sightseeing the natural scenery, and playing with the local kids.

Train from Mandalay to Hsipaw, Myanmar

Train from Mandalay to Hsipaw, Myanmar

Though not being as popular as Kalaw and Inle Lake, Hsipaw is ideal for the mountain trekking. The ultimate peace and friendliness through the treks in this good destination for trekking in Myanmar will never fail to please you all.

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