Fishing Village in Myanmar to See How Burmese Live in Inle Lake
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On the captivating Inle Lake is a beautiful fishing village in Myanmar that attracts visitors who come to see how the Burmese fishermen and their families live in a traditional way. Visiting the spectacular Lake and exploring the floating houses bring the enjoyable experiences. The destination is also ideal for meeting the traditional Burmese people who might give fresh inspiration to your own life.

Visit Myanmar Fishing Village in Inle Lake

The Inle Lake itself is quite famous for spectacular scenery, interesting leg-rowing style, and peaceful life. Provided that you arrive at the lake in the early morning, it’s awesome to watch the sunrise over the majestic water surface. Upon your arrival at the Inle, the host will greet and welcome you to their home. You can expect to pass by several off-the-beaten-track sites along the boat trip till reaching the floating fishing village. People agree that Inle Lake Myanmar is one of the freshest, most relaxing, and most peaceful sites that they have ever visited.

There are several floating cottages in Inle Lake, and you’re likely to stay at the lovely one. The stilted cottage offers the panoramic views of the enthralling lake on which the sunrise and sunset are incredible. The accommodation is just beyond peaceful and gorgeous.

One interesting trait of the fishing village in Inle Lake is about the host’s life stories that share. Most of the hosts are open to telling their stories which can inspire guests much. It’s great to know that the Burmese kids in Inle have to walk 6 – 7 hours to get the education at the monastery, and this shows the hard-working and eager-for-learning merits. Taking pictures with the inspiring hosts is what all guests should not skip. And if you pay a visit to the monastery, expect to meet the knowledgeable and honorable head monks who follow the right insights. As long as you’re willing to share and learn, there might be some applicable lessons about the dream, moral disciplines, sharing, etc.

A fisherman in Inle Lake Myanmar

A fisherman in Inle Lake Myanmar

The Inle Lake fishing village is also home to the very friendly Burmese people who treat guests well enough to please them. There are lots of fascinating people to meet that might even change your life concepts to the better. Dwelling in the stilted cottages like the ones in Inle provides much inspiration, especially to the writers and artists who need the peaceful and charming environment to get ideas. Somebody thinks to themselves that this is exactly where they want to stay to create the arts.

Set apart from the luxurious resorts in Inle or the busy hotels in Nyaung Shwe Town, the floating fishing village provides the idyllic spot to find the true self and live with it. And, if you need an environment to meditate, the cottage in Inle has peace and privacy to steer clear of disturbance, whatever. The spacious and pure atmosphere makes the overstay night in this village full of delight, in which you see no skyscrapers or the city hurly-burly.

Top Attractions to See around Inle Lake while you are at Fishing Village

There are several attractions to see around Inle Lake that takes more than one day to see all. Therefore, it’s necessary to sort out those of the best including Indein, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the tomato floating garden and workshops, Mine Thauk Market, and Nyaung Shwe – Mingalar.

The floating village in Inle Lake Myanmar ensures the interesting discovery of Inle leg-rowing style and local life. Also, it ensures the sound sleep, complete peace, awesome sightseeing, and beautiful lake view to feast eyes. So if you want to live differently from what you’re doing (more peaceful and more inspiring), go to the floating village and feel the positive effects.

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