Information for Exciting Hot-air Balloon Ride over Bagan
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Bagan (once known as Pagan) is an ancient city in Mandalay, Myanmar, which stands out as one of the best destinations for the hot-air balloons in the world. With thousands of awe-inspiring temples and pagodas, this heritage city attracts thousands of travelers who come to take the balloon ride over Bagan every year. Get more tips to make your Myanmar package tours successful!

When to Ride the Balloons over Bagan City

Myanmar tourism has two major seasons. While the low season is from May to September, the peak season is from December to February. Obviously, the charge for hot-air balloon ride over Bagan during the peak time is higher than the normal time. Also, especially in December, groups of tourists, who want the bird-eye view over thousands of religious sites in Bagan, gather there. This drives the hot-air balloon tickets to be sold like the hot cakes. That means in December, you should book a seat for the bird-eye trip at least 2 months in advance.

But if you want to avoid the highest rates, biggest crowds, and the least possibilities to get a seat in the balloons, travel to Bagan during the low season. Notice that the balloons service begins on the 1st of October and ends on the 15th of April each year. As the ballooning season is quite short, you’d better plan things in advance to book and experience in riding the balloons over the magically ancient city when the wind is calm and the air is cool.

What’s more, the Bagan balloon ride typically starts at sunrise, which requires the participants to get up early to join, often before 6:00 AM. The flight usually takes around 2 hours, which means you come back to the hotel around 8:00 AM.

Hot-air Balloons over Bagan Myanmar (source: internet)

Hot-air Balloons over Bagan Myanmar (source: internet)

How much is the Balloon over Bagan?

Due to the tour operators and the kind of services (standard or premium), the charges for the Balloons over Bagan are around USD$290 – USD$380/person. You’re recommended to book the seats with a Myanmar Travel Agency to get promotion codes if any, which helps to save some dollars.

How Great is the Balloon Experience in Bagan?

The journey begins in the early morning, around 5:00 AM when you get the pickup from the hotel to the intended take-off place. Of course, the passengers have to confirm their booking as well as the pick-up address one day before the ride.

You should wear the warm clothes because it’s quite chilly in Bagan in the morning, and the transfer buses have the open windows. There you are, in the take-off spot. Expect to gather with some other passengers and have a quick snack with biscuits and coffee. After that, please pay attention to the quick training about what to do when the balloons take off, during the flight, and when it lands. Feel safe that you are going to enjoy one of the most exciting and secure activities in Myanmar as in the past 10 years since the balloon ride are run in Bagan, no incident occurred.

The training is then followed by the informative process to watch: how the balloons are inflated, how dozens of the colorful balloons are taking off simultaneously, and how you enjoy being on the air and sightseeing over thousands of the revered and gilded pagodas in Bagan. At that moment, don’t miss your chances to take photos of the impressive religious sites from above. Sometimes, you will be impressed by the mind-blowing temples and pagodas in the morning mist, feeling like you are getting lost in the revered Buddhist paradise.

More and more photos and videos of the hot-air Balloons over Bagan have been being released online. The antique city has more to offer, yet ballooning is the best activity that creates the most memorable and unique experiences. Take your turns to ride the balloon over Bagan soon!

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