Often, you will need 2 days to carry out the good Inle Itinerary Plan which is designed to see the best of this famous lake in Myanmar. If you want to travel in a different way, that doesn’t do the same thing at the same time as the others, the following itinerary will inspire you to make a difference. Then, whether or not you might want to share the 2-day program in this second largest lake in Myanmar with your friends, experience it for yourself first.Boat trip on Inle Lake, Myanmar

Get to Inle Lake and the first day in this beautiful water world

It’s assumed that you start from Nyaung Shwe town, Taunggyi District, Shan State, from which you can catch a taxi to Inle Lake (around 9.8km). Upon your arrival, check in to your already-booked hotel and then find the Burmese food to eat, such as a bowl of Mohinga (fish noodle soup) or Shan noodle; it’s up to you.

Now, get ready for the boat trip in Inle Lake. So, contact a local fisherman for a boat trip on the river. During the voyage, the fisherman might show his unique leg-rowing style for your observation in the hope of tips. Take the opportunities to take pictures. The lake scenery is so spectacular and peaceful that you understand why tourists compliment the gentle beauty of Inle Lake Myanmar. When it comes to the sunset, the silhouettes of the local fisherman and his boat from afar become very artistic photos. Enjoy the moment of doing nothing when you are in the middle of the lake and unwind. You spend the first day to relish the overall serenity and loveliness of this beautiful lake.

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Cultural Experiences on your second day in Inle Itinerary Plan

Inle Lake in Myanmar is famous for floating crops, stilted houses, floating weeds and reeds, etc., which can establish interesting scenes to capture. Today, you can enjoy boating again, but head toward the local floating village for the Burmese cultural experiences. Contemplate the floating garden of the green and red tomatoes. The boat trip will take you past the stilted houses on the water surface, and you can observe the locals’ life activities, their basic house conditions, and businesses. There stand out the houses, shops, schools, and even pagodas to visit during the cruise trip.

In particular, plan to see Paw Khon village where has the lotus fiber weaving. You will be greeted by the welcome tea, and then taken to see from room to room by the local guide. Expect to know how to take the thread out of the lotus plant, how the women loom the threads of lotus silk and cotton into the elaborate patterns. It is an art, indeed. You can buy the items if desired, but the traditional weaving process is genuinely fantastic. Later, get back on the water for sailing under the bridges and along canals.

Next, pay a visit to Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda in Inle Lake that enshrines five ancient gilded Buddha statues. The pagoda visit gives you a feeling about the locals’ spiritual life. And if you want to go more, add Jumping Cats Monastery (Nga Hpe Kyaung Monastery) to your plan. This 180-year-old teakwood monastery was constructed on 650 pillars and adorned with glass mosaics. Though the cats no longer jump there, this landmark is now famous for the peaceful atmosphere in which you can contemplate and meditate.

That is things to do in Inle itinery plan! The floating sites are interesting, the sunset is magical, and the cruising around villages and canals will end up surprisingly fun. What’s more, the Buddhist pagodas and monasteries are praiseworthy for their ancient architecture, spiritual value, and history. Take these Inle Lake highlights into consideration if you plan to explore Inle.