Inle Lake is the ideal gateway to peace, comfort, and indulgence. It is the shallow lake in the center of Myanmar, southeast of Mandalay. The inhabitants living around the serene 22km-long Lake are famous for their eccentric rowing style. They use one leg to row while standing on one leg. Know that the lake is densely inhabited by various tribes.

The surface of the lake is marked with many floating vegetable gardens that make up the green serenity. On the lake shores, there stand the colorfully animated morning markets. Also, note that Inle Lake is the home of the silk and lotus weaving craft shops built on the lake’s stilts. The lake and its grassland welcome a wide range of birds to inhabit. The whole ingredients promote the charm of the wonderful water world.

A Deep Introduction about Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake is located over 100 miles southeast of Mandalay. The tourists come to the tranquil lake because they get attracted by many excellent comments about the lake’s heavenly beauty. Even the most exhausted travelers can regain the lost energy while standing on the area of Inle Lake.

There are at least eight distinctive tribes living along the 22km-long lake. Anyhow, the quietness and beauty of the lake are preserved well by the hospitable locals to make it the ideal relaxing spot. The Inle Lake Myanmar Tours also take you to the less expensive area of Myanmar where you can enjoy the traditional Burmese massage and the lush trail dust from the pores in the hot springs that situates below the mountains.

Once you have regained the energy, go on exploring Inle Lake in a traditional long-tail boat. By this way, you can set foot in the craft workshops, markets, stilted villages, temple boats, and the floating vegetable patches. The special patches are formed by the Shan tribe to plant the marrow and tomatoes right on the lake. And if you are the thrill-seekers, just try hiking at In Dein or climb the mountains to reach the little hill station of Kalaw. Along the route, explore the traditional longhouses as well as the tea plantations.

Especially, Inle Lake destination of Myanmar is reported to host two lovely Festivals in October: the Hpaung Daw U and the Five Buddha Festival. During the festival, the five greatly revered and gilded Buddha images are towed on a barge from village to village. The competitive boat races will be also held. The local houses will mostly be beautified with lamps and lanterns while people wear the fancy clothes.

What Tourist Attractions to Contemplate In Inle Lake, Myanmar?

Besides enjoying a boat trip on the Inle Lake itself, the tourists can also feast the eyes with an experience in Aung’s Marionette Puppet Show. It helps them get an insight into the Myanmar’s unique culture. In the traditional Burmese music and marionettes, the puppet show is run funnily in 30 minutes. The nightly show costs you 3000 Kyat. And if you want to buy the decent handmade marionettes, pay 7000 Kyat or more to get it.

What’s more, Phaungdawoo Pagoda is worth a go. The pagoda is where the five honored and gilded Buddha images are stored. The gold leaf is contributed by the worshippers. Inside the pagoda, the tourists can find some pictures depicting the festive days with the mass of richly gilded and beautified boats.

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