Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon Myanmar with Unique Characteristics and Karaweik Hall
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Kandawgyi Lake is an artificial lake built by the British and now become a tourist attraction in Yangon Myanmar. This lake owns some unique characteristics and ideal settings that make it the popular weekend picnic venue and picturesque sightseeing address. Surrounding the lake is the verdant park and in the eastern side of the lake is the Karaweik Hall that together perfects your days in Yangon.

Unique Characteristics of Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon Myanmar

Kandawgyi Lake (also named “The Royal Lake”) is one of the two main lakes in Yangon Myanmar. The Lake is 8km in circumference and has a depth between 50cm and 115cm. It appears most beautiful during the sunrise. It is located east of the Shwedagon Pagoda that is sparklingly reflected on the calm water of the lake. Combined with the dawn light, the lake represents the fairy beauty. The early morning is ideal for walking and running along the south and the west sides of the lake. Breathing the so-fresh air helps all walkers and runners start their days in a perfect way.

The next unique characteristic of Kandawgyi is about the water which is able to change the color during the daytime. In the morning, you see that water looks silver and is covered by the gray or pearl-like mist plus the light pink of the early sunlight. Then, the twilight showers the lake with the yellow color in some surfaces while the layers have some red dots. So if you come at the right moments, raise your camera and capture the fascinating water spectacle.

Visit to Karaweik Hall in Kandawgyi Lake during Yangon City Tour

The site that might first strike the guests’ eyes should be the Karaweik Hall in the east of the lake. Karaweik is a replica of the classically styled royal barge that looks absolutely eye-catching thanks to the unique design and yellow coating. If you visit the restaurants and cafes surrounding this barge, get the chances to view the far-off Shwedagon Pagoda. This huge golden barge floating on the idyllic lake delivers the distinctive spectacle. The Hall is a concrete construction designed as the two giant yellow birds. Its roof is in the shape of Pyatthat – a Burmese-style multi-tiered roof structure. And, the prow is made in the shape of Karaweik – a bird in the Burmese mythology.

Historically, Karaweik Hall was finished in 1974, and used by Burmese Kings to travel around. Inside the Hall are buffet restaurant, conference room, and theater. While the restaurant offers a wide choice of Chinese, Burmese, and Western food, the entertainment theater has the shows of Burmese puppet, elephant dance, traditional Burmese dancing, and exhibitions of local arts, traditional costumes, and handicrafts. This requires an entrance fee of 300 Kyat (USD$0.5) and buffet price (plus entertainment shows) of USD$20 per guest. This fee is normally included in Yangon City Tour package

Sunset at Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon Myanmar

Sunset at Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon Myanmar

Other attractions in Kandawgyi Lake

And if you want a peaceful shelter at weekend, just check in bustle-free Kandawgyi Nature Park that surrounds the Lake. The park offers mesmerizing sightseeing of the marvelous flowers, idyllic lake view, orchid gardens, souvenir shops, and kid’s playing zone. You might also want to discover the Yangon Zoological Gardens that has a mini zoo, an aquarium, and an amusement park. Moving to the west side of the Park, you will come across Mingalarbar Balloon that provides the balloon services for the panoramic bird-eye views of the whole area. The service will take 20 passengers up to 100m in the air (around USD$22 per passenger).

On January 4th every year, Kandawgyi Lake hosts the lively 7-day festival that commemorates the independence from British rule. This is the top lake in Yangon and Myanmar that tourists should always have it on the list of the musts to see. The Lake is within the walking distance from the Shwedagon Pagoda (750m) and from downtown (1.5km), so schedule time for Kandawgyi!