Kyaiktiyo is the lovely little town just around 160km from Yangon, the southeastern of Myanmar. The land is well-known for the golden boulder and the impressive pagoda that uncertainly balances over a cliff. The Mount Kyaiktiyo has the height of 1100 meter that gains fame for the big golden rock perched at its summit. It is one of the three holiest religious sites found in Myanmar, along with the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Mahamuni Temple. Many pilgrims come to the site from the far-off land to worship. Some even treasure the rock by adding the golden leaf to it.

Kyaiktiyo Is Most Famous For the Big and Sacred Golden Rock

The tourists worldwide come to Kyaiktiyo Destination to witness the rock that stands 7.6m tall. Meanwhile, the gilded pagoda sits on the summit of the rock, and the pagoda itself is 7.3m in height. It is the absolutely interesting site that you cannot even find elsewhere on earth. From the pagoda, you get the panoramic 360-degree views of the bordering Mon State Mountains from the top. The pagoda is believed to cover the “hair of the Buddha”.

During the peak season (from November to March), the religious site is full of visitors. It gets very crowded at the summit. From here, you have numerous opportunities to photograph the uniquely spectacular backgrounds. Once again, the golden rock is the highly sacred site that can only be found in Kyaiktiyo. So, it is the very big luck that you can set foot on this holy land.

There are just a small number of hotels at the summit of Mount Kyaiktiyo, but you can experience the “base camp” village of Kinpun. And if you really want to stay in Kinpun, it’s ideal to go in the late afternoon and evening. In the following morning, ascend the mountain! Along your journey up to the spectacular mountain, you can feast the eyes with the lush jungle. At the time you land at the summit and enter the pagoda, you will genuinely feel as you have been on a long pilgrimage.

You can choose to hike to the summit of the mountain from Kinpun. Nonetheless, it is quite a long and exhausting journey (about five hours). Since the walk is predominantly covered with the jungle canopy, it gives you the spectacular views along the way. The path is well paved enough to bring you to the top of the golden rock directly. And if you want to place some golden leaves on the rock, it involves a fee. But remember that only men are permitted to touch the Golden Rock in Myanmar. You obtain the full religious experience when standing on the summit.

Especially, Mount Kyaiktiyo is where the Nine Thousand Lights Festival is held in December. The festival features the food offerings at dawn and candle lighting at night. The candlelight helps illuminate the top of the mountain as well as the Golden Rock.

The Golden Rock – The Dream Destination for the Devoted Buddhists

The significant religious site in Myanmar, the Golden Rock, has long been the dream destination for the devout Buddhists. The site is made up of a pagoda built atop a large granite boulder that has long been balancing on the edge of a cliff face. The Buddhist mythology is incorporated into the antique rock. Since the boulder itself is adorned with the golden leaves, it creates the fantastic look from the far distance. You will love it.