Lashio in Myanmar makes itself reputable in the crowds of the scenic destinations around the world. With the pristine and picturesque nature associated with vibrant markets as well as the unique ethnic culture of the Shan people, Lashio is surely worth an exploration. Though people say this scenic town is mostly under Chinese influences, there must be something unique in Lashio.

About Lashio in Myanmar

Lashio is the biggest and scenic town of Lashio Township, in the north of Shan State, Myanmar. It is around 200km to the northeast of Mandalay. Geographically, Lashio is set on the low mountain spur, offering the panoramic view of the valley in the Nam Yao River. 45km to the southeast of Lashio, there is an impressive presence of Loi Leng – the highest mountain of the Shan Hills. Before April 2010, this destination was the administrative center of the Shan State. The land is predominantly inhabited by the Shan, Chinese, and Burmese. As the town shares its border with the Yunan Province of China, it witnesses many Chinese people travel between Lashio and China. The trading activity between the two nations is growing. So, during your travel to Lashio, expect to find the interesting mix of ethnicity and culture. What’s more, what makes the town inviting to some travelers can be the vibrant markets, age-old pagodas, natural hot springs, and rustic hills.

What to See in Lashio

Shan Plateau

Lashio might be one of the best spots to overlook the spectacular scenery of the Shan plateau. For reaching the lovely town, you pass through the winding roads and the challenging hills. Once you are on the mountain spur where the Lashio town lies, do feel free to spread the eyes towards the vast, picturesque plateau. Admittedly, the view is so refreshing that even encourages people to live a calmer and happier life.

Mansu Pagoda

Withstanding the test of time, Mansu Pagoda is more than 250 years old. Located on the windy hill to the west of Theinni Road, the pagoda is the attractive place of interest with both the captivating landscape and the revered spiritual values. It is only 5km out of the town, and you’d better reach it by bicycle or taxi. Once arriving at the 250-year-old pagoda, people find it passionate to cherish the site’s historical architecture featured both Lashio and Chinese designs, the sacred atmosphere, and the very friendly Buddhist practitioners. You might need some relaxing and peaceful time in the windy pagoda before leaving Lashio. So, if in need of spiritual balance, spend hours praying for the goodness and sightseeing Mansu Pagoda.

The Infamous Burma Road

Lashio town is the terminal point of the infamous “Burma Road.” The road was built during the British colonial time in Myanmar, aiming to convey the supplies to China in the Second Sino-Japanese War. It connected Burma and the Southwest of China. Simply Google it, and you will find the infamous history of the road construction! Nowadays, the road to Lashio features the gorgeous and ever-changing scenery. Remarkably, the historical Burma Road was the setting for the documentary films like Burma Convoy (1914), A Yank on the Burma Road (1942), and Bombs over Burma (1942).

Night Markets in Lashio

The exciting night markets substantially contribute the vibrancy of Lashio. The night establishments in some corners of the town offer the awesome opportunities for the travelers to feel the local cuisine and lifestyle. It is confident to find a broad range of the Burmese and Chinese food. While the food is very appetizing, the local people are chummy and hospitable. You’re assured to gather lots of fun and memorable experiences while playing at the night markets in Lashio. Also, get home some Lashio souvenirs while roaming around the sites. Don’t miss your chance to interact with the Shan community! What’s more, the business trading activities between Lashio and China are increasingly developing. You are likely to meet lots of Chinese merchants there.

Natural Hot Springs

As Lashio remains enigmatic to the outside world, you might find very little information about several less-known landmarks. The list of the unnamed landmarks includes the Natural Hot Springs, Relaxing at the natural hot spring is what many visitors like to do in Lashio. The refreshing dip in the natural ponds is the great treatment to release tension and anxiety. The best advice to arrive rightly at this attraction is to ask your travel agents to check it out! Please keep in mind that the scenic Lashio town owns the remedial hot springs that exhilarates and invigorate you much. Just don’t ignore it!

Elephant Mountain

The elephant-shaped mountain is nearby Lashio and becomes the fascinating highlight of the land. Attempting to conquer this mountain; you can enjoy the grand view of the sprawling valley in which Lashio locates. Conquer the first half of the journey by being on a car and then be on foot to explore the rest. It is the scenic trip to the summit, and your trekking time is worthwhile. Once you’ve reached the top of the Elephant Mountain, you realize sweat and effort are rewarding.

How to Get to Lashio

By Air

Lashio is served by the Lashio Airport. This convenience makes it easier for the travelers to fly to the destination. So, check if your place has the direct flights to this town in the north of Shan State! Otherwise, there are the domestic flights to Lashio from either Yangon or Mandalay.

By Road

As noted, Lashio is just 200km to the northeast of Mandalay. Therefore, most skilled drivers prefer driving to the town so that they enjoy the scenic route. Also, the proximity to China and the easy restriction today allows the indulgent travel between China and Lashio.

By Train

You might also want to experience the train journey to Lashio. If so, take notice that Lashio is at the terminus of the Mandalay – Kun Long Railway! The train running from Mandalay will pass over the gorgeous Goteik viaduct nearby Lashio. So, check out the train route and get the tickets if you want to find something eccentric in the train towards Lashio. Furthermore, there exists a railway link between Jiegao of China and Lashio. Whether or not you get started from there, this information should be useful in some way.

When to Visit Lashio in Burma

Like some other regions in the north of Shan State, Lashio experiences the humid subtropical climate. In a broad perspective, there stand out two primary seasons:

  • May – October: This period brings Lashio the downpour and the average temperature of 27 Celsius degree. The heavy rain expectedly influences the outdoor tourist activities; therefore, most travelers confirm these months are not truly ideal to visit the scenic Lashio.
  • November – April: When it comes to this period, the climate becomes comfortable with the warmness in the daytime and the coldness at night. Typically, the months from December to March are ideally warm to the travelers worldwide. Hence, it is not the big surprise that most of them consider December-March the best time to see Lashio if anybody asks them to raise the voices. Because the night is freezing and maybe unbearable to some individuals, make sure the lodgings have the warm blankets to keep you enjoyable when going to bed.