List of Top Things to Do in Mandalay Myanmar – Complete Travel
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The top things to do in Mandalay Myanmar is what many travelers out there want to know in order to add to their wish lists for the complete trip. The energetic city owns the impressive towers, busy streets, and tourists’ points of interests, antique pagodas, engaging shops, etc., to nurture your fondness for the Burmese beauty. Get the real experiences in any of the recommended activities below.

#1: Contemplate U Bein Bridge – The Best Place to Watch Sunset in Myanmar

When you are in Mandalay, it’s a must to see U Bein Bridge – the oldest and the longest teak footbridge in the world, with 1.2km length and constructed in 1849. Built from the teak taken from the local palace, under the U Bein Mayor’s direction, this historical bridge remains attractive and unique as time passes. Especially, this is known as the best place to watch the sunset in both Mandalay and Myanmar. The tourists can choose either walk on the footbridge or approach it by boating. The daily spectacle is the saffron-robed monks and the Burmese people walking back and forth on the bridge. At sunset, the scenery becomes perfect for photography. Also, the bridge at sunrise is beautiful enough. Without any debate, this is one of the best things to do in Mandalay.

#2: Do Homage at Mahagandayon Monastery – Top Activity You Should Not Skip

This is the largest Buddhist monastery in Burma, housing over a thousand of the young monks who follow the disciplined life. In particular, the monks in this Monastery have meals in the complete silence and respect, which leads you to the authentic Buddhist life following to the Buddha’s teaching. Also, the monastery itself is gigantic and stunning that catches your interest from afar. And when you come closer to the site, you’re convinced of its sacred, magnificent, and awe-inspiring values. The religious trip gives you a typical glimpse of the Buddhist country which is best described in Mahagandayon Monastery. Make sure you don’t miss it.

#3: Discover Mandalay Palace – You Must See This Symbol of Mandalay

The major symbol of Mandalay is the Mandalay Palace situated in the center of the town. The history of this Palace can be dated back to the two last kings of the Burmese Empire, particularly constructed in 1857. Just head to the 19th Street to get into the entrance of the palace and discover the magnificent architecture inside. The other must to do is to climb the tower for sightseeing the surrounding moat. Every corner of the palace is photogenic enough to amaze the first-time travelers and you are sure to fall in love with its imposing presence.

#4: Enjoy Horse Carts to Inwa City – Outstanding Highlight of Mandalay Tours

Taking the horse carts to Inwa Ancient City is highly recommended to all travelers. The 14th-century city itself preserves many remnants such as the Yedanasini Paya, Nan Myint Watchtower, Maha Aungmye Bonzan (monumental brick temple), Ava Bridge, Thabyedan Fortress, etc. Inwa offers the enjoyable back-in-time trip that makes most of your pictures dramatic and unique enough to amaze the audiences.

#5: Climb the Mandalay Hill – Amazing Thing to Do in Mandalay

Mandalay Hill is the indispensable highlight of any Mandalay tour package, and climbing this hill is a big must to do. Climbing uphill and passing by many souvenir shops will turn to be the memorable experiences that you enjoy much in this destination. When you are on the top of the mountain, spread the eyes towards the panoramic landscapes and remember to do homage to the standing Buddha Statue there. In fact, this hill is also the wonderful place to watch the amazing sunset. That is why the higher you climb uphill at the sunset, the more climbers you will meet. They are likely to share the similar interest in the enthralling sunset scenes over the charming Mandalay. You can choose either to climb the staircase (taking about 40 minutes) or take a taxi to reach the top in which the Sutaungpyei Pagoda is located.

#6: Witness Kuthodaw Paya – Amazing Chance to Find World’s Largest Book in Mandalay

Kuthodaw Pagoda has 729 stupas, and each stupa covers a marble slab inscribed with the texts from Tipikata (the Buddhist scriptures). People say that it will take more than a year to read all of the inscribed slabs provided that you spend 8 hours a day for reading. Therefore, this pagoda is known as the world’s largest book. The site itself is impressive, elegant, and consecrated. So if you love reading the Buddhist scriptures, it’s the top-of-the-top choice to visit Kuthodaw and pore over the standing stone “pages” that are scattered across the extensive pagoda grounds. In the long arranged rows, the slabs create the attractive effects and the praiseworthy experiences.

#7:  Spend Time at Sandamuni Pagoda – Next Thing to do in Mandalay for a Complete Trip

Located nearby Kuthodaw Paya and Mandalay Hill, the awe-inspiring Sandamuni Pagoda is the other outstanding venue to do homage to the historical Buddha statue. You can witness the impressive iron Buddha made in the year of 1802, with more than 41,000 pounds of iron. There are up to 1.774 shrines, and each shrine contains a marble slab inscribed with the Buddha teaching. The pagoda visit leaves you nothing but peace, calmness, positive thinking, and fantastic photo sets. The vast golden site with various white stupa creates the amazing scenes for photography.

If you are the outdoor tourists, then you are likely to enjoy the matchless charm of U Bein Bridge and Mandalay Hill. And if you want to feast eyes with the gilded and symbolic Burmese pagodas, go to the recommended religious attractions namely Mahagandayon Monastery, Kuthodaw Paya, and Sandamuni Pagoda. What’s more, Mandalay Palace and Inwa City are the highlights of history and old days in Mandalay – the last royal capital of the Burmese kingdom. Opt for the great things to do in Mandalay, and the actual enjoyable experiences will convince you of the Burmese charm for any next Indochina travel.