Mawlamyine (also spelled as Mawlamyaing or called Moulmein) is referred to as the fourth biggest city of Myanmar (or Burma). The city is settled 300km southeast of Yangon capital and 70km south of Thaton, at the mouth of Thanlwin River. In the southeastern Myanmar, Mawlamyine is the major trading hub and seaport. Within the Mon State of Burma, it is the capital and the largest city in the state. The population is reported to be 326,000, but the city itself just looks like the small town.

How Can The City Of Mawlamyine, Myanmar Please The Tourists?

First of all, the newcomers have to know that Mawlamyine city is the house of many old colonial-era buildings. The city features the tranquil streets where you easily reach the local markets and taste the seafood as well. The charming capital of the Moon State is always happy to welcome the guests worldwide who hold the big interest in worshipping the Buddha as well as photographing the unique photos of islands, streets, and caves.

There are many interesting activities that you should do right in the land of Mawlamyine. The top activity chosen by the tourists should always be the short visit to Kyauktalon Taung to witness the world’s biggest reclining Buddha. The impressive site is just about 20km to the south of the city. Along with that, the Kawgoon and Payon Caves are also famous for their huge collections of Buddha images as well as the stalagmites and stalactites. And if you want to reach the pagoda that was perched on rocks by the sea, you can take the causeway to arrive at Kyaikkami Pagoda.

Mawlamyine Attractions shower you with lots of opportunities to photograph and film. Surely, you will head home with hundreds of the best photos to share. The city itself pleases the tourists coming from all corners of the globe with its historical and religious monuments. We list out some of the most inspiring names for you. They are Nwa Le Bo Pagoda, Pa Auk Taw Ya Monastery, St Matthews, and Kyaik Tan Lan Pagoda. Visiting the beautiful pagodas along the scenic routes enables the tourists to stay clear of tension and melancholy. Some of them even forget their daily life worries because their only interests now are to worship and rest with the peace of mind.

Further Explore Attractions around Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Across the water to the west of Mawlamyine, you find the lovely Bilu Island. Get yourself immersed in the friendly and idyllic atmosphere here. Meanwhile, take some beautiful handicrafts as the unique souvenirs such as bamboo hats, hand-made rubber bands, slate writing boards, etc. A boat trip from Mawlamyine is the fun journey in itself. Then, you can hire a tuk-tuk or motorbike to roam around the island. Note that there is no accommodation on Bilu Island.

Move towards the south of Mawlamyine (about 60km), there lies the town of Thanbyuzayat where houses the Allied War Memorial Cemetery. There is the sad history of the construction of the infamous Burma Railway (or Death Railway) and you will be much interested in learning it. The tourists today can reach the Thanbyuzayat by bus or train from Mawlamyine. The trip time is about one hour.