Monywa has long held a top position in the list of the best destinations in Myanmar. People think of Monywa as the land of the standing Buddha and the golden pagodas. Trust us, many tourists have experienced the satisfactory Myanmar Tours in Monywa and shared their unique experiences with the whole world. Draw your focus on the outstanding name of Monywa, Myanmar!

How Can The Monywa Tourist Attractions Win Your Interest?

Monywa City is situated in Sagaing Region, just about 136km northwest of Mandalay, on the eastern bank of the River Chindwin. Due to the industry developing around the town, the city ignites the more dynamic feel than any other central region in Myanmar. The land is full of the lively markets while the main streets become animated at the night. The vibrant atmosphere is made up of many beer stations and food stalls.

Thanboddhay Pagoda (also known as Thambuddhei Paya) is the colorful and uniquely stylish pagoda that stores more than 500,000 Buddha images. Also, the spectacular pagoda is characterized with hundreds of the golden spires. For the scenic views of the pagoda and the bordering plains, you can get into the beautiful watchtower on the monastery with ease.

Furthermore, move to the site of Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Sekkya Standing Buddha Statue. The impressively religious statue is 129m in height (including the pedestal). It is measured as the world’s second tallest Buddha statue. The first time you encounter the site, you will be amazed at its magnificence. The wonderful statue is set at the back of the huge religious structures that feature the Bodhi trees, gardens housing many sitting Buddha statues and a gigantic 95-metre long reclining Buddha lying in front of the Laykyun Sekkya.

Also feast your eyes with the special depictions of Buddhist teachings inside the religious sites. The warning images of depravity and the penalty of the evil-doers, etc., urge people to do the good things in life. Plus, the tourists can climb some floors to find many inspiring alarming pictures drawn in the sense of Buddha teachings.

What’s more, Hpo Win Daung Caves are worth visiting. Just about 25km west of Monywa, you find the complex of 947 caves that were created between 14th and 18th century. Inside the caves, there lie hundreds of the Buddha images and the ornate mural paintings. Interestingly, the caves are where the Hpo Win Duang Festival is celebrated in November. It is the biggest festival in Monywa city.

Ledi Kyaungteik Monastery is another attraction to visit. Here, you find many Buddhist scriptures that have been inscribed on up to 806 stone slabs. Besides, the Kyaukka Village is also famous for the exceptional style of lacquerware.

Begin Your Monywa Myanmar Tours Now!

It is apparent that Monywa, Myanmar is full of the hot spots to explore. You can get the 45-minute tuk-tuk to explore Thanboddhay Pagoda and get into the structure to witness the majesty of 500,000 Buddha images. Also, Bodhi Tataung provides the amazing sights of the two large Buddha statues as well as a golden pagoda. Get into the inside of the standing Buddha, listen to some mysterious stories, and interpret the images on the walls. Of course, your Monywa Myanmar Tours are not just stopping at that. Many other highlights of Monywa are waiting for you.