Mrauk U (formerly called Myohaung) is one of the most visited destinations in Burma that give you the authentic medieval feel. It is a medieval town as well as the archaeological site in Rakhine State, Central Myanmar. To stay in Mrauk U, the foreign nationals are required to pay a fee of US$5. 

You Have A Few Or Zero Idea About Mrauk U, Myanmar? Find Here

The name Mrauk U itself means “North Far”. Hence, there stands a common belief that Mrauk U is the sleepy village. Embracing the glorious history of wars, the medieval town stores various ancient buildings. Of course, pagodas and temples in the town are many. They are regarded as the major attractions of the land.

Below the border with Bangladesh, the medieval town nestled in the far west coast in the Rakhine State. Due to the mysterious and historical locations, Mrauk U grows to be one of the key cultural highlights of Myanmar that are full of the ancient temples, lush rice paddies, and typical small villages.

Especially, the temple of Shitthaung is the key site adorned with 80,000 Buddha images in the disorient spirals around the central chamber. This place of worship welcomes the guests worldwide. Furthermore, your stay in Mrauk U cannot be completed if you lack a short excursion to the Htukkanthein Temple that looks like a fortress, the age-old library of Pitakataik as well as the circular Anndawthein Temple. The archaeological sites here are worth discovering.

Mrauk U itself is treasured by the proud collection of many ancient structures rather than the wow factors of modernity, remember! The Myanmar’s less visited highlights are stored here. Your journey can only become pleasant if you hold the big interest in the ancient masterpieces – the wisdom of mankind.

Walking around the medieval town, the tourists will come across the market, local restaurants serving the regional specialties, and the ancient ruins of the royal palace. Just inside the Royal Palace, the Archaeology Museum is a good place to explore. It houses a rich gathering of many artifacts from the Mrauk U sites. You can improve and indulge your historical tastes with the artifacts of Buddha, Welthali era coins, paintings, and slabs with inscriptions. All of these objects were uniquely created and found in Mrauk U. Know that the only remains of the Royal Palace itself are the crumbling walls.

And if you have ever heard about the exceptional Chin culture, don’t reluctant to proceed to the Chin Villages that are still settled in the Rakhine State. You can arrange the day trips to the semi-remote Chin Villages easily at most hotels and expect to pay about US$80 for the new cultural understandings.

Mrauk U Myanmar Tours Bring You Back In Time

There are several Myanmar Destinations that are competent enough to bring the tourists back in time. Anyhow, the North Far land in Myanmar sometimes surpasses its “competitors” when it comes to the medieval feel, ancient temples, and Chin villages. The Mrauk U Myanmar Tours are incomparable and peerless. We highly recommend you to experience it at least once in the rest of the lifetime. Go see the North Far land in Myanmar early on to soar to the height of medieval experiences… go to Mrauk U Myanmar Travel Guide for further tips !