Inle Lake and the East of Myanmar

In the chat rooms about Myanmar package tour, the oversea tourists mostly feel interested in the home of the leg-rowing fishermen – Inle Lake, and also the East of Myanmar. While Inle Lake is noted for the gorgeous scenery and interesting leg rowers, the eastern region has several fascinating attractions to see. The highly recommended tours for you should always refer to the famous sightseeing points of Pindaya, Kalaw, Keng Tung (or Kyaing Tong) and Inle Lake, of course. The interest in the one-leg rowing style of the local fishermen attract numerous travelers to the peaceful lake, and they all appreciate the Inle Lake Tours.

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If admiring the impressive photographs and videos that friends have been sharing about Inle Lake, Pindaya, Kalaw, or Keng Tung, it’s your turn to visit these destinations in person and self-cherish their originally captivating beauty. Let’s begin life journey with Inle Lake package tours right now!

In almost any talk about Shan State in the east of Myanmar, travelers worldwide often point to the famously peaceful Inle Lake. But if you have more time in Shan, know that the area has some other attractions for the nature lovers, beside Inle. That is Pindaya Cave, just around 100km from the Inle. So […]

Lashio in Myanmar makes itself reputable in the crowds of the scenic destinations around the world. With the pristine and picturesque nature associated with vibrant markets as well as the unique ethnic culture of the Shan people, Lashio is surely worth an exploration. Though people say this scenic town is mostly under Chinese influences, there […]

Kalaw in Myanmar marks its presence as the beautiful hill town on the world tourism map. For any soul that is seeking for a mecca to have the best hill trekking experience, then some of the answers possibly point to the impressive Kalaw. About Kalaw in Myanmar Kalaw is a gorgeous and appealing hill town […]

Kengtung is positioned in Shan State, the further east of Myanmar country. It is a remote and rustic town that gives people a feel of the medieval time. The destination is the home to several Burmese tribes like the Shan, Akha, Lahu, and La Mone. So, if you want to learn the diversity of Burmese […]

Inle Lake in Myanmar is one of the iconic tourist attractions in Shan State, for both grand overland tour and Mekong River Cruises. More and more people have come to cherish the tranquility of the lake, and especially, the leg-rowing style. As long as you’ve heard about the leg-rowers in Myanmar, then a to-go place […]

Keng Tung (or Kyaing Tong) is located in Shan State, the far east of Myanmar. The remote town is inhabited by the traditional tribes such as Shan, Akha, La Mone, Lahu, etc. Some of the most “forgotten” tribe people can also found in Keng Tung that makes the rural town the ideal destination to learn […]