Southeastern Myanmar

Traveling to the peaceful Myanmar exhilarates the vacation days off of many people, and in fact, the crowds of tourists have been booking Myanmar tour packages. In particular, the Southeast of Myanmar is gifted with some bewitching sites that win the international praises for Kyaiktiyo, Mawlamyine, and Bago. The Southeastern Myanmar Tours do bring you to these attractions so that you can witness the Golden Rock in Kyaiktiyo, the world’s biggest reclining Buddha in Mawlamyine, and the Burma’ most animated town of Bago.

As there are dozens of interesting highlights to see throughout the day-and-night Myanmar travel and tours, let us draw your focus on the Southeast of Myanmar in which the magnificent religious remnants are well-kept and respected. In the first time that you see the Golden Rock and the world’s biggest reclining Buddha, you will say lots of “wow” expressions and cannot help praising for the matchless splendor. Surely, nothing can replace them.

Being proud to become your Burma travel agency, Indochina Charm Travel happily provides the Southeastern Myanmar Tours so that the oversea pilgrims and travelers can take it easy-and-free to explore the splendid religious monuments. Perhaps, they used to dream about them, and the tours are the best channels to make dream true one day. It’s widely concurred that the Myanmar tour packages in the southeastern regions will enlighten your mind and help you to release as wished. When standing in front of the long-lasting religious treasures, please pray for goodness and peace! It’s your journey to come closer and closer to the inner peace. The Southeastern Myanmar partially teaches you much about the real attractiveness of what is widely searched today: Myanmar travel tours.

Myeik in Myanmar is the next destination to explore for the thrill-seekers who love something new, hidden, and beautiful. Then, if you share this passion, then be passionate to read some fascinating pieces before you go to Myeik. About Myeik in Myanmar Myeik (or Mergui) is a remote city in Tanintharyi Division of Myanmar, with […]

Bago in Myanmar (the former name is Pegu) is one of the most frequently visited destinations in Burma and also higly recommended by Myanmar tour operator. The town is animated and vigorous enough to awake every soul. People say if you want to visit the most energetic town in Myanmar, then spend time in Bago! […]

Naypyidaw (officially called Nay Pyi Taw and Naypyitaw) has become the capital city of Myanmar since 6th November 2005. This is amongst the best attractions that one should always see in Myanmar, and if you are on the quest for the “Royal City of the Sun,” then it is Naypyidaw. About Naypyidaw in Myanmar Naypyidaw […]

Kyaiktiyo is the lovely little town just around 160km from Yangon, the southeastern of Myanmar. The land is well-known for the golden boulder and the impressive pagoda that uncertainly balances over a cliff. The Mount Kyaiktiyo has the height of 1100 meter that gains fame for the big golden rock perched at its summit. It […]

Mawlamyine (also spelled as Mawlamyaing or called Moulmein) is referred to as the fourth biggest city of Myanmar (or Burma). The city is settled 300km southeast of Yangon capital and 70km south of Thaton, at the mouth of Thanlwin River. In the southeastern Myanmar, Mawlamyine is the major trading hub and seaport. Within the Mon […]