The Delta Region and Western Myanmar

The leading Myanmar travel agency, Indochina Charm Travel, takes pride to introduce a fantastic list of tours to the Delta region and Western Myanmar – the beach paradise for exhausted souls to rest and revive. The suggested destinations to see here should always include Ngwe Saung Beach, Myeik Archipelago, and Ngapali Beach. The pure atmosphere in the beaches and the archipelago guarantees you to feel energetic and cheerful completely. As there are dozens of water games to play on the beach, the Western Myanmar Tours will never lack fun.

If experiencing the preferred Myanmar tour packages that meet budget and schedule, please expect to step into the happy world in which the tourism essentials are planned in advance for you! If you have any idea in the head, it’s time to put into practice right in the West of Burma where two of the most sumptuous beaches in the world exist. The endless blue color of beaches in the Western Myanmar amazes every eye at first sight, and at the moment that you witness the widespread transparent water world, you will eagerly get immersed into it.

The reputation of Myanmar travel and tours in Ngwe Saung Beach, Ngapali Beach, or Myeik Archipelago has hit the whole world and gains superb recognition. All in all, Western Myanmar Tours are the verified channels for you to unwind and revitalize. The stress-free and delightful Burma travel tours are available for you all to pick up at leisure, and you’ll be satisfied with this kind of investment. So now, arrange something for your valuable vacation days off! We are happy to serve you during the journey to the pristine and fabulous beaches in the West of Myanmar.

Sittwe in Myanmar is a must place to see whenever you set foot on Rakhine State. The capital city has its unique strengths for tourism, even though it sounds less attractive than Yangon, Bagan, or Mandalay. In fact, many Myanmar-tourism fanciers do travel to Sittwe. About Sittwe in Myanmar Sittwe is the inviting capital of […]

Thandwe (formerly named Sandoway) is a pretty and ancient city in Rakhine State, the westernmost area of Myanmar. If the reputation of Ngapali Beach beautifully attracts you, then it is also ideal to stop by Thandwe. Thandwe in Myanmar functions as a major seaport in Rakhine State (or Arakan). The antique town itself covers an […]

Ngwe Saung is one of the most reputable beaches that almost any tourist comes to visit any time they arrive at Myanmar. The beautiful beach is settled in the Bay of Bengal, the west of Myanmar. Since “Ngwe” means silver, the beach itself is most famous for the silvery sand here. You will soon inevitably […]