Myanmar (or Burma) is the land of a million golden pagodas and the two millennia of history that satisfy the tourists wholesomely regarding its tourist attraction, culture, history, and cuisine. Provided that you are foodies who concentrate on the Myanmar Food, the Culinary Tour to Myanmar surely gives you the incomparable joy and satisfaction.

Culinary Journey to Myanmar – What to Expect?

As the competent destination for the culinary journey, Myanmar assures the gourmets to feel happy when staying in the bustling morning markets, the lake-based farms, the historical villages, and the local teashops and restaurants. The hands-on cooking class with the professional chefs is what many foodies need to get a real feel for the Burmese foods.

Claiming that your food tour begins in Yangon, it’s suggested to stop by the local teashop to enjoy some local delicacies and drink the Myanmar beer. When you are in Burma, don’t miss the famous food option called “Ta Phat Toke”, the salad made from the fermented tea leaves mixed with a variety of spices like salt, garlic, lime juice, and green chili. There is also a village where the local people use the juice of the palm tree together with the sweet molasses and win to make the very mouth-watering products. Ask for it! Due to your preference, customize the Myanmar Food Tour by selecting to enjoy lunch in the restaurant or join dining at a round table with the local family!

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In general, some of the most delicious Shan foods are served in the Shan restaurant. You can relish the authentic Myanmar snacks such as Mohinga (rice noodle with fish soup) and Laplet (pickled tea leaves with sesame seeds, roasted peanuts and fried garlic), Kyauk Kyaw (the seaweed jelly served with the coconut milk layer on the top), Thagu (the tapioca pudding added with coconut).

Besides the fantastic and unique culinary offers, Myanmar welcomes the guests to savor its natural and historical highlights during the leisure (when the stomach is full). For instance, the cruise trip on Irrawaddy River lets you feast the eyes with the sunset and have the different look towards the riverside villages and temples.

Moreover, the motorboat on Inle Lake eases your system with the delightful sightseeing to the stilted floating garden houses. The farmers in the garden are very friendly, and they are ready to serve you with the authentic meals only found in Myanmar. What’s more, the short visit to Shwedagon Pagoda supports you with the healthy spirituality. In fact, there are lots of outstanding pagodas and stupas to visit; so, check out the tour’s itinerary!

Myanmar Cooking Class

The experience chefs will teach you how to prepare, cook, and enjoy the Myanmar Food in the authentic demeanor. First, you go to the local market to buy the essential ingredients to be used in cooking such as fish, chicken, pork, vegetable, fruit, etc. For instance, the cooking class in Bagan takes you the Nyaung Market to buy the cooking ingredients. Leaving the market, you are back to the class to follow the chefs’ guidance and start cooking some delicious examples like the Kachin Chicken Curry, rice ball with coconut dressing, Pork curry with Pone-Yay-Gyi paste, Shan noodle, noodle with fish soup (Mote Hin Gar), etc. During the class, you learn the Myanmar cuisine, the eating habits, and tradition.

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