Mysterious, colorfully cultural and religious, Myanmar preserves a list of Myanmar Gazetted Holidays 2019 for new visitors to keep up-to-the-minute. The Burma Tours will be more special and memorable if you arrive at the country in the festive time. From January to December (except June and September), each month holds the interesting festivals in Myanmar that welcome guests to attend.

January 2019: Three Myanmar Public Holidays

On January 01, 2019, the first day of International New Year’s Day in Myanmar and across the globe is celebrated based on the Gregorian calendar.

On January 04, 2019, Independence Day in Myanmar is taken place annually to mark the proclaimed independence of the country from British control since 1948. In this event, traditional activities are held throughout the country. Yangon city will be filled with patriotic colors of festivities while the Burmese men and women wear their national dresses, which are the collarless shirts and skirts.

On January 06, 2019, Kayin New Year Day is a special day for the Karen people of Myanmar. Note that this festival is based on a lunar calendar (on the first day of Pyatho – the month coming at the end of the rice harvest season). The Karen celebration is to promote their cultural heritage, preservation of their traditions, language, and literature. Activities include wearing the colorful traditional clothing, eating sticky rice, dancing contest “Kayin Don Dance”, etc.

February 2019: One Public Holiday in Myanmar

On February 12th, 2019, the Myanmar Union Day occurs, marking the date in 1947 when Burma became a unified country after the Panglong Agreement was signed and passed.

March 2019: Three Public Festivals Religiously in Myanmar

On March 02, 2019, Peasants’ Day (Farmers’ Day) is an annual Gazetted Holiday 2019 that honors the importance of agriculture and farming to the country.

On March 20, 2019, Full Moon Day of Tabaung (Makha Bucha Day) is a public Buddhist event in Myanmar and other countries like Cambodia and Thailand. On the full moon of the third lunar month, the Buddhists celebrate the day when Buddha began his teachings. On this day, Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon will be full of pilgrims who come for Buddhism preach.

On March 27, 2019, Myanmar Armed Forces Day (Tatmadaw Nay) is a public holiday to commemorate the rebellion against the occupation of the Japanese during World War II.

April 2019: The Month Colored with Thingyan Festival

On April 13, 2019, Thingyan Festival (Water Festival) begins across the country. This Burmese New Year’s Day is the biggest festival in Myanmar. Highlights of the public event are to water people as water will help wash away any back luck of the previous year so that they come to the New Year as clean and lucky as wished. Therefore, prepare to get wet if you are in Myanmar during Thingyan.

May 2019: Two Public Events in Myanmar

On May 01, 2019, the international Labor Day occurs in Myanmar and across the world, commemorating the achievement of the labor movements.

On May 18, 2019, Full Moon Day of Kasong (Buddha Purnima) is the most divine day in Buddhist calendar, marking the day when Buddha was born, attained nirvana, and attained nirvana after the death of the body.

July 2019: Two unique public holidays in Myanmar

On July 16, 2019, Full Moon Day of Wasco (Dhammasetkya Day) is celebrated publicly in the local pagodas and temples, marking the first day of the Buddhist Lent. During the Lent period, the Buddhist will abstain from eating meat, smoking, and drinking alcohol. Traditionally, it is also a period when the Burmese should not move houses.

On July 19, 2019, Burmese Martyr’s Day (Arzarni Day) is a public event to memorialize the assassination of the historic General Aung San and some other cabinet members in 1947. This gazetted holiday is considered as Myanmar’s second most important public event. Also, the high-ranking government officials will visit Martyrs’ Mausoleum (Yangon) in the morning of the day to show respect.

August 2019: Exceptional Islamic Holiday in Myanmar

On August 12, 2019, Eid ul-Adha Day (The Feast of Sacrifice) is the most significant feats of the Muslim calendar that takes public celebrations in Myanmar. On this single day, the Burmese Muslims will feast on some food items especially prepared for them. They also give gifts to elder relatives, decorate houses with lights, and send Eid cards.

October 2019: Month filled with an important Buddhist event in Burma

On October 12, 2019, Full Moon Day of Thadingyut marks the return of Buddha and denotes the end of the Buddhist Lent. This gazetted holiday in Myanmar 2019 is also known as the Festival of Lights filled with numerous balloons released to the sky. Also, the Buddhists illuminate their houses and temples to honor this auspicious event. This is Myanmar’s second most popular event after Thingyan Festival.

November 2019: Two Burma Public Holidays

On November 10, 2019, Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone takes place in the 8th month in the Burmese calendar, signifying the end of the rainy season. On this day, 9,999 candles will be lit up and offerings will be given to monks in Chaukhtatgyi Paya. This is Myanmar’s one of the most spectacular events as numerous giant paper balloons will be lit and released to illuminate the night sky.

On November 21, National Day of Myanmar is an significantly annual public holiday celebrated 10 days following the full moon of the month of Tazaungmone. This event marks the beginning when students led protests against the British colonists in 1920, leaving a strong meaning to emphasize the students’ key roles in modern Myanmar.

November 21, National Day of Myanmar

November 21, National Day of Myanmar

December 2019: The merry, happy public holidays in Burma

On December 25, 2019, Christmas Day comes to cheer up all Burmese and people in the world. They say “Merry Christmas” to each other. Meanwhile, houses will be decorated in the “green, red, and white” themes, and especially the pine trees.

On December 31, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with parties to say goodbye to the last day of the year before the New Year’s Day. The eve is often featured with parties, family gathering, live music performances, etc.

Gazetted holidays 2019 Myanmar will ensure you have a beautiful time in this enigmatic country.

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