Myanmar is surely among the most mysterious corners of the Indochina region, and if you want to shed light on this corner, Myanmar Itinerary 4 days give you a torchlight. For the charm, history, and peace, let’s direct you to either Yangon or Mandalay, and then you decide it.

Myanmar Itinerary 4 days: Things to see in Yangon

For past decades, Yangon has long been a top destination that tourists think of in almost any talk about Myanmar tours. Indeed, this city remains charming, attractive, and ancient as is that ensures the trip full of nice things to see in Yangon 4 days. As an old capital city of Burma (Myanmar today), Yangon preserves the breathtaking Buddhist monuments and other historical attractions that none should miss.

The first stop is Sule Pagoda, well-known as a local landmark of more than 2.600 years old that enshrines a hair of the Buddha. Legend tells that Sule Pagoda was built even before the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. Importantly historical and religious, this Buddhist monument is a must to cherish in the center of the city, and the city tour won’t be complete without it.

Next, start an on-foot journey to City Hall, High Court, etc., where will teach you how the old British colonial architecture remains in Burma till today. Another historical place of interest to have in the Itinerary is Bogyoke Aung San, the central market filled with collections of jade, handicraft, and petrified wood. Also, get your opportunities to eat some Burmese dishes.

Before sunset, let’s head toward the magnificent, shinning Shwedagon Pagoda of 100m height and golden look. This Buddhist landmark was built 2.500 years ago and enshrined the Hair relics of the Buddha. Definitely, it is a sacred pilgrimage venue for locals and foreigners to do meditation and praying for the best.

For the 2nd-day itinerary in Yangon, the tourist highlights should be Htaukkyant War Cemetery, and then Bago – the antique capital of Mon Kingdom in the 15th century. Bago itself is perfect for sightseeing. One great activity for the program today is to visit Kyaikkhat Wyne Monastery and try food offerings to the monks. Then, do pleasant shopping in the Bago Market.

4 Day Myanmar Tour to Yangon City

4 Day Myanmar Tour to Yangon City

More interesting sites to see today are Shwethalyaung Reclining Buddha, Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Chinese Kwan-yin Temple, weaving-factory in Mon village, Kanbawzathardi Palace of King Bayinnaung, White Elephant, and Marble Sitting Buddha.

The third day in Yangon will be not less special by sightseeing Thanlyin and walking on Thanlyin Bridge across Yangon River. Next, find peaceful time in the Ancient Portuguese Church (AD 1749-1750). The day tour will go on to the local market in Thanlyin, then Kyauk Tan and Yele Pagoda. On the drive back to Yangon, there will be stops at Jade & Ruby workshop, Bogyoke Market, Indian Market, and China Town. The program tonight will be at Nam Thida Jetty in which you contemplate panorama of the local river.

On the fourth day in Yangon, the must-see list includes Chauk Htat Gyi which is a giant reclining Buddha statue. Interestingly, the feet of the statue has 108 readable sacred marks of Buddhism. Then, proceed to Kandawgyi Park to view scenic scenes of the lake, wooden bridge, and vegetation; also, get to know some local Burmese. Another top-ranked Buddhist site in Yangon is Botahtaung Pagoda set next to the riverbank, leaving it a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

Myanmar Itinerary 4 days: Things to see in Mandalay

Next to Yangon, Mandalay is a so beautiful city that appeals to tourists and pilgrims worldwide. The Local Myanmar Travel Agency can guarantee a trip of joy and knowledge by visiting the top things to see in Mandalay 4 days. Some first names to be voted are Mahamuni Paya, Jade Market, and Golden Palace Monastery.

The day tour in Mandalay, the capital of the last Burmese kingdom in the mid-19th century, should begin with Mahamuni Paya which enshrines a much venerated Buddha statue. As time passes, Buddhists have been giving gold leaves to the 13-foot-high seated Buddha; the gold surface is measured to be around 6 inches of thickness.

Next, a must to see is Jade Market, the largest wholesale market of jade and precious stone in Mandalay. What next? Get to Shwenandawkyaung (Golden Palace Monastery) which stands out as an elaborately special building carved in wood of the 19th century. It is an evidence of the traditional Burmese wooden monastery, and also ruin to remind of the old Mandalay Palace lost by bombs. The day tour should go on to Kuthodaw Paya, the world’s biggest book with 729 marble slabs admitted by Guinness book. The rest of the day is for an outdoor climbing to Mandalay Hill with an elevation of 230m. Watching the majestic sunset from this panoramic vantage-point.

On your third-day tour, let’s drive away from Mandalay a bit to Sagaing for magnetic sightseeing. The trip will cover some scenic stopovers namely Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda erected in 1636, Sagaing Hill spotlighted with monasteries, Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda built in 1312, U Min Thonzeh Pagoda, U Min Chaukzeh Pagoda & U Min Koezeh Pagoda. To keep pampering eyes, Old Imperial Capital Inwa owns captivatingly ancient architecture. Other highlights of the journey should be a boat trip on Ayeyarwaddy River, Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery (aka), Me Nu Oke Kyaung, Bagaya Kyaung, and Nanmyint Hmyawzin (Nanmyint watchtower).

4 Day Burma Tour to Mandalay

4 Day Burma Tour to Mandalay

This must be a very exciting day trip that there will be time to also discover highlights of the antique royal Amarapura capital, Mahagandaryon Monastery, and especially the world-known U Bein footbridge – the world’s longest teak bridge that is perfect for watching the sunset, photographing, and even boating beneath the bridge.

So, travel to Yangon or Mandalay in the Myanmar Itinerary 4 days? Each destination owns a list of the best tourist attractions to keep pleasing tourists all over the world. While Yangon is home to Myanmar’s top Buddhist monuments, Mandalay wins praises for the perfect blend between a modern look and historical attractions, plus the natural hill. Each day in either Yangon or Mandalay is full of wonderful sites to see, which might urge somebody to extend their vacation or visit over and over again.

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