The ancient pagodas, colorful balloons, and unique leg-rowing fishermen have made Myanmar exceedingly attractive to tourists, and Myanmar Itinerary 5 Days is an excellent way to begin. The essentials of the enigmatic country are addressed in the 5-day program so that no top attractions will be missed! Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake are the top 3 powerful magnets.

Myanmar Itinerary 5 Days: Yangon City Tour

Preserving the ancient charm and architecture, Yangon is an interesting city which once was the capital of Burma. The Yangon City Tour promises to mesmerize guests on Day 1. Let’s come to see the well-known Sule Pagoda in the center of the city. According to legends, Sule Pagoda is more than 2,000 years old and its central stupa enshrines the Buddha’s hair relic. The on-foot journey will go on to the British-colonial constructions of High Court and City Hall which bring the historical feeling.

Thereafter, Yangon owns the bustling Bogyoke Aung San (the central market) to amaze visitors who will be interested in collections of jades, handicrafts, and petrified wooden products. When the sun disappears out of sight from the sky, make sure you are in the imposing Shwedagon Pagoda – a must to see in Yangon for sure. The grand and gold-encrusted monument is 10m high, built more than 2500 years ago, and enshrines the Buddha’s hair relic. Shwedagon is absolutely wonderful in the evening with the golden look and illuminated beauty.

Myanmar Itinerary 5 Days: Bagan Temple Tour

On Day 2, the Myanmar itinerary will focus on Bagan – “City of Four Million Pagodas.” Bagan has long been famous for a huge collection of ancient pagodas and temples scattered throughout the city. It is also known as the largest temple city in the world, and one of the most significant archaeological areas in Asia. Most of the religious ruins are of the 11th-13th centuries when Bagan was the capital of First Burmese Empire.

The Bagan Sightseeing Tour will direct you to the Nyaung-U town to first meet the Burmese people who wear their traditional dresses. The next attraction will be the 12th-century Shwezigon Paya which is said to enshrine the bone and tooth relics of Gautama Buddha. There should always be time to discover Ananda Temple recognized for the four standing Buddha statues, the excellent architecture, the sacred atmosphere, and the giant carved teak doors. There will be another Day in Bagan as there are dozens of the pagodas and temples to visit, but as always, only the top attractions are in the itinerary.

On Day 3, you’ll have time to reveal the beauty of Shwe Sandaw Pagoda from which the panorama of the whole Bagan looks fantastic at dawn. Of course, use your camera to take great shots! Later, enjoy the outdoor activities of climbing 777 steps in Mt. Popa which might take 45 minutes. Also, pay a visit to Mahagiri Shrine on the top of the mountain. In the afternoon, proceed to Dhammayangyi Temple which looks similar to the Egypt pyramid, with the 78m-long base structure. It will be a pleasant walking in the spectacular complex of stupas in Khayminga Temple, especially in the sunset.

Myanmar Itinerary 5 Days: Inle Lake Sightseeing Tour

As a must-see essential of Myanmar, Inle Lake is worth discovering on Day 4 when you will take a flight to Heho and then drive to Nyaung Shwe village. The Lake will leave great impressions on its stunning scenery and unique one-leg rowing style of the Intha fishermen. Other top places of interest to see around the Lake are Nga Hpe Kyaung (an imposing wooden monastery built on stilts), floating gardens, the stilted Nampan village, local workshops, and In Paw Khone village (known for silk-weaving tradition).

The 5-day Myanmar Itinerary will not miss the big highlight of Inle Lake which is Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda enshrining 800-year-old five Buddha statues. Later, appreciate your unique trip toward the home of the Padaung tribe – the long-neck lady tribe to study their tradition, custom, and belief as “the more necklaces, the more beauty.” An extraordinary site is the wooden Mine Thauk Bridge which is perfect to view the sunset, take pictures, and meet the Burmese people.

Ensuring that you will not miss the major tourist attractions of Myanmar, the itinerary will suggest you circle back to Yangon on Day 5. It is worth visiting the scenic Kandawgyi Park filled with the pretty lake, wooden bridges, and lush vegetation. This will be also wonderful opportunities to mingle with the local people and watch their lifestyle.

When it comes to twilight, you should arrive at Botahtaung Pagoda for the majestic sunset sightseeing. The monument itself is fantastically featured with glass mosaic and impressive architecture. The riverbank and harbor nearby provide a refreshing atmosphere. Take your time watching the locals’ ways of living.

Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake, these top 3 destinations will turn your Myanmar Itinerary 5 Days into the happy, distinctive, and admirable life events.