Being classified as enigmatic and nostalgic, Myanmar can make some travelers fall in love with her unique charm, and some even search for Myanmar Tourism 2021 today. It is the land of the gold temples and pagodas that appear surreal and amazing. The ancient Buddhist architecture and the long-lasting Burmese tradition are beautiful highlights of any trip abroad. Nonetheless, just like other countries in the region, domestic travel has been negatively damaged by the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Pandemic and Burmese Response

The coronavirus pandemic was confirmed as spreading throughout Myanmar in March 2020 with the increasing infected cases as well as the dead ones. There have been thousands of cases detected, and in fact, the country is on high alert and needs humanitarian assistance, medical equipment, and other supplies from the international community. CDC categorizes Myanmar on Level 4: Very High level of COVID-19. Therefore, the tours to Burma are NOT encouraged this time, and travelers should avoid all travel to Burma because it might increase the risk of getting and spreading the deadly virus. In April 2020, Mandalay would stop the entry and exit of all kinds of vehicles to restrict travel around the region. Meanwhile, the Yangon government asked people to stay at home. As of January 07, 2021, Myanmar detected 128,178 coronavirus cases and 2,785 deaths. The increasing cases drive the country as well as its residents to face difficulty. The poor get poorer, and some even do not have anything to eat. Dying of starvation is a major problem. The country is amongst the most-influenced ones by COVID-19 in Southeast Asia. And, the lockdown of Yangon city made thousands of people unemployed.

Another update is that Myanmar has applied the restricted travels of those coming from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The measure aims to control and limit the risk of the new SARS-CoV-2 variant transmission to the country. The restrictive measure became effective from 31 December 2020. In that sense, the country will not permit the residents of the UK and Northern Island as well as travelers who have come to those countries during the last 14 days to enter Myanmar. Other virus control measures would be extended, such as the temporary suspension of all types of visas.

Temples in Bagan, Myanmar
Temples in Bagan, Myanmar

Updated Important Notices for Myanmar Tourism

It’s not advised to book tours to Myanmar right now due to the high alert of COVID-19, but it does not mean that you cannot read some bits of information about this charming country. In the past year, tickets sold for the Thingyan Festival had been canceled as everybody was afraid of the deadly coronavirus. Amid the virus outbreak in the country, none wanted to fly. In that case, tour agents should provide support by refunding. And, this is smooth as long as you work with reliable operators. They do exist. Not only do they refund the tourists but also offer assistance and the latest updates about the COVID-19 status in Burma. Amongst the top choices, Indochina Charm Travel has high reliability. The company is ready to assist any travelers who demand a visit to the Indochina region, including Myanmar. While waiting for the international airline links to open again, they build the workforces to better the services and support. Hence, if you would love to enjoy the Burmese travel, ask this Myanmar Tour Operator for advises.

The Myanmar tourism 2021 can enchant visitors thanks to its religious highlights in Bagan – Land of 1000 temples, in which you might feel like being lost in the lost world of the gilded monuments. Besides, Yangon is wonderful with the historical and cultural heritages of Shwedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, and Botataung Pagoda. Interestingly, you might hear about the enchanting sunset-watching on U Bein Bridge – the world’s longest teak pedestrian bridge (1,2 km). Once ranked as the best place to watch the sunset in the world, by CNNGo, U Bein Bridge in Mandalay becomes more and more famous to thrill-seekers. In other discussions, stories about the leg-rowing fishermen in Inle Lake might interest some people. The Lake itself is peaceful and picturesque for photography while the local fishermen preserve the unique style of rowing by one leg.

What’s more, Myanmar is the destination of pilgrimage. Going on a pilgrimage to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock Pagoda) is a great experience. Standing in front of the amazing site, new guests will start wondering when and how the balancing rock can defy gravity. Legendarily, it’s said that the rock was precariously perched on a strand of the Buddha’s hair. Setting on the top of Mt. Kyaiktiyo, the gilded pagoda is the 3rd most important Buddhist site, after Shwedagon and Mahamuni. Along with that, Burmese culture is so beautiful and special. Guests will be pleased with the friendly smiles of the locals who might wear the Thanaka makeup, a kind of traditional cosmetic paste made from ground bark. Thanaka is used for a cooling sensation and skin protection against sunburn. Guests are always encouraged to try applying Thanaka on the face for photography on the spot. You can even buy cosmetic boxes as Burmese souvenirs.

Myanmar Travel Disruption due to COVID-19

The country is now opening for domestic travel while Myanmar Inbound Tourism is not allowed until January 31, 2021, for further notices. As per the Union and regional rules, foreigners who have a residence in Burma and are present in the country are permitted to do domestic travel. Regarding flights, domestic flights have resumed on December 16, 2020, but NO international flights to any international airports in Myanmar are possible until January 31 for further announcements. Besides, the government suspended the visa on arrival and e-Visa for any foreign visitors while the incoming Burmese nationals must present a medical certificate proving that they have no coronavirus symptoms before boarding the airlines destined for Myanmar. Also, until January 31, there will be no entry for foreigners through land borders into Myanmar. Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sports, restaurants and hotels are re-opening. It’s not ideal to fly now, but the “New Normal” status will be soon established so that Myanmar Tourism 2021 can become enchanting again.