Myanmar Travel Agency

INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL is known and remembered as the reliable Myanmar Travel Agency by tourist communities who have experienced our service for more than 17 years past and will book it over and over again. We have a good reputation in the most logical itineraries and professional services during Indochina tours to Myanmar. We are surely good at working with the top hospitality agents in order to provide the best Myanmar tours including the high-quality means of transport, accommodation, restaurants, and entrance tickets. People might often hear of us through TripAdvisor and Petit Futé that we receive a high ranking and excellent comments. Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, or else, we have the best tours to Myanmar ever to keep attracting and pleasing you to be our patrons. What’s more to know about us? Our key information below can tell.Myanmar Travel Agency

Travel solo or with a local tour operator? You deserve a rewarding and different vacation

Handling every single matter of the prior hotel booking, list of places to see, food to eat, activities to do, etc., might even ruin somebody’s vacation because it sounds exhausting. In that sense, things become easy and light much if you get support from a local tour operator. INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL is an expert that will arrange all linked services before your arrival so that any kind of eco-tour, cruise trip, social-cultural package, adventure, MICE and Incentive tour, or sightseeing becomes perfect. Also, an escorted tour guide is there to serve, give information, and have things ready just for you.

With years of expertise and partnership, the local tour operator knows what is best to include in the itineraries which become valuable resources for the independent travelers to consult. Matters of places to visit, food to eat, and hotels to book can be solved easily by the internationally-licensed INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL who has contracts with other suppliers across Myanmar. Not only do the signed contracts help to save your money, but also guarantee the quality of the tours as committed in a transparent way.

The biggest difference between the independent travelers and those going on a tour package might lie in the accompanying tour guide who is knowledgeable and supportive. With an escort side by side, the first-time tourists will not be afraid of the strange places or out-of-control issues. Rather, with the guide’s assistance, you will get to the best places of interest, history or legend about the destinations which are not in books or websites, etc. Going with a group tour, you’ll almost never feel alone. Look around? You might see the solo travelers join your group to listen to the guide’s informative speeches.Myanmar Travel Agency Office

Advantages when vacationing with a Myanmar Travel Agency

The Myanmar Travel Agency can put you in a better position when having a tour round Myanmar as you will only visit the best tourist attractions in the country during the smartly-designed programs. Informatively, the knowledgeable and seasoned tour guide can pinpoint the most flattering corners for photography, the most captivating sites for sightseeing, and the off-the-beaten-track trails for hiking, good venues to eat like the locals, and so on. Making good use of the agent’s support, your vacation time becomes really productive instead of the pointless wandering, the lonesome feeling, or the getting-lost incidents.

Once the booking is confirmed, you just need to pack your luggage and be ready till the departure day. It becomes unnecessary to keep thinking about places to see, dishes to eat, hotels to stay, or local taboos to avoid if any. Often, the longer the Myanmar Tour is, the more friends you can make. Therefore, take advantages of the already-planned routes, restaurants, hotels, and activities in order to go vacationing to the fullest as you deserve it. The Myanmar tour agent can make time away from home enjoyable and refreshing indeed.Indochina Charm Travel Myanmar

INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL is one of the best Myanmar Travel Agencies

We invest our greatest effort and highest standard to become one of the best Myanmar Travel Agencies, and we make it true. INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL is at our best when it comes to the tours to the enigmatic and charming Myanmar.

Our Vision

Give the smartly-designed itineraries and high-quality services that meet the needs of all tourists.

Win the international appreciation as a top Myanmar Travel Agency.

Our Mission

Ensure the services to its maximum quality.

Add new and trendy ideas to the packages for extraordinary vacations and incomparable experiences.

Our Culture

Fill our workstations with deep passion and proficient teamwork to keep serving customers in a pleasant way. The staffs are friendly, courteous, and supportive in order to answer the tourists’ questions.

Our Travel Philosophy

Create the incomparable and memorable itineraries that focus on our characteristics and mastery in Myanmar tours all seasons.

Build a good connection between the must-see attractions and the local iconic places associated with remarkable activities.

Arrange the time to enjoy your vacation to its summit and at adequate pacing. There must be opportunities to know the local lifestyle, eat street food, listen to some Buddhist legends, and get excited on the spot such as wearing Longyi or applying Thanaka powder.

Myanmar Tours with Best Prices since 2008

Opened since 2008, INDOCHINA CHARM TRAVEL has long been in the relationship with other suppliers which help secure our tour packages at the most reasonable prices. We understand the markets and the trends so that we will sort out those of the best things to be added to the itineraries. It is the smartly priced tour that keeps attracting our customers who believe in our certified partnership with other suppliers.

Furthermore, if you have our own ideas to carry out, we can customize the programs just for you. Tell us what places you want to discover, what food to eat, what activities to play, what experiences to get, etc. Then, we will create the itineraries corresponding to your preferences. Again, the price is our strength, and we will calculate to get your OK response.

Now, you know us. And, it’s your turn to tell us about your vacation desires so that the best Myanmar Tours will be generated for your pleasure.