Yangon in Myanmar, the old capital of Myanmar (or Burma) until 2005, is also the country’s largest city and most significant center of commerce. Yangon is still vital and attractive even though the military government of Myanmar officially relocated the capital to Naypyidaw in March 2006. Since then, the title of either Yangon or Rangoon […]

Myanmar, earlier known as Burma, is the land of timeless beauty, where tourists can get a glimpse of ancient Asian culture. Having remained isolated from the world for several years, Myanmar is like a lush tropical garden with astounding natural beauty, Buddhist spirituality, warm and welcoming people, and exclusive culture making it the most outstanding […]

If you are planning for your next vacation, then a Myanmar tour is surely one of the best choices. A few years ago, holiday in Myanmar sounded bizarre to many people. But of late, this Southeast Asian country has grown to be the most sought after tourist destination attracting tourists from the world over. Talking […]

Bagan, also known as Pagan, is a beautiful place in Myanmar set in the picturesque beauty of more than two thousand pagodas and temples, rivers and mountains. It is a dream destination for many travellers looking to experience something entirely different. If you are planning a long excursion, make Bagan your destination this time. Here […]

Ngapali Beach is one of Myanmar’s most outstanding beach destinations that receive lots of kind comments from the tourists worldwide. Settled on the Bay of Bengal coast, the beach owns the tranquil stretch of the white sand as well as the lines of palm trees. There stand a number of resorts scattering along the beach. […]

For anybody that visits the fabulous Nagapali Beach of Myanmar at the first time, it’s quite hard to sort out those of the best hotels and guesthouses. Sorting the authentic accommodation from the charlatan one is one of the most significant jobs that newcomers should do when traveling to a new destination. Thus, if you […]

Bagan is one of the most splendid travel destinations when it comes to the beauty and splendor of Myanmar. It is nicely perched on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River, which is the vibrating heart and soul of Myanmar. It is the best place to experience the religious ethics of Buddhism in the oldest Buddhist […]

Winsome threads of Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea coast of Bangladesh as well as an enigmatic land of purity and religious flair; this is none other than the land of Myanmar. Myanmar attracts visitors worldwide because it is loaded with natural beauty and extravagant atmosphere. Its history, nature, art, architecture, culture and religious traits […]

Among those with a travel bug biting them more often than it should be, destinations to travel and explore are a common topic. The excitement of seeing new places and experiencing new stuff gets the ball rolling. There are countless places to visit and explore on this planet, however, putting a finger on one remains […]

Recently, the city of Yangon in Myanmar has been selected as one of 12 most famous Asian cities. This selection was made by the website The Culture Trip. According to this site, Yangon is the Asian city that preserves its countless values ​​of culture, history, the rich cuisine or the masterpieces of the natural landscape. […]