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Free from the tomorrow technologies or the tall skyscrapers, Myanmar nature remains primeval while Myanmar people are friendly enough to capture the hearts of the tourists worldwide. While the golden pagodas here support the visitors’ spirituality, people’s graciousness surely leaves the everlasting impression on anybody that undertakes a Myanmar Tour. If you intend to travel […]

Myanmar (or Burma) is the land of a million golden pagodas and the two millennia of history that satisfy the tourists wholesomely regarding its tourist attraction, culture, history, and cuisine. Provided that you are foodies who concentrate on the Myanmar Food, the Culinary Tour to Myanmar surely gives you the incomparable joy and satisfaction. Culinary […]

Myanmar is said to possess the primeval charm of Asia showcased via its spectacular nature and gracious people. Without a doubt, this golden land is the ideal destination for ecotourism, in which the tourists come to experience and evaluate the rich national parks and wildlife here. If you’re thinking of the Myanmar Ecotour, it’s your […]

Mystery fills the Myanmar air, and the tourists will surely experience the memorable journey to this golden and unspoiled country. There are hundreds of things to enjoy in Myanmar. So, what to do? The most luxurious activities to do are the hot air balloon rides, the visit to some exotic villages and monasteries, the high-budget […]

Most of the tourists who are about to visit Myanmar may share the common questions regarding the best places to photograph in this golden country. If you are on the quest, just read  the following bits as they are just created to direct you to the most spectacular sites to take pictures in Myanmar at […]

The golden land of Myanmar has long been spotlighted with many century-old temples and pagodas associated with the brilliant nature. It’s believed that Myanmar will never fail to win the praises from the tourists and pilgrims in the whole globe. If you intend to make Myanmar the next destination for the everlasting travel, don’t be […]

Myanmar has long been the big homeland of the absolute nature, the golden temples and pagodas, the romantic beaches, and more. The enigmatic and beautiful country assures that you feel satisfactory to travel, rest and play here. In fact, there is the countless number of activities for the so-called tourists to get entertained in Myanmar, […]

Everybody knows that Myanmar is the golden land of temples and pagodas as Buddhism is the dominant religion here. The land surely hosts many religious festivals to commemorate the significance of the holy Buddha and show the mankind respect to him. Among the most exclusive festivals in Myanmar, Buddha Teeth Brushing and Face Washing Ceremony […]

Myeik (formerly called Mergui) is located on a peninsula that juts out into the Andaman Sea. It is the bustling and strategically vital port for more than 500 years.  In the town of Myeik, there are many colonial-era buildings that mark the land’s attractions. Also, the harbor of Myeik is full of the hundreds of […]

As one of the top destinations in Myanmar, Pindaya ignites the strong sense in the mysterious caves filled with thousands of Buddha images. If you now have just a few or even zero idea about Pindaya, be nimble-footed to grasp the needy information about the sacred spot in Myanmar! The secretive land and its cave […]